Monday, 1 August 2016

My Wedding Day

I've been married since before I started blogging but as it was recently my anniversary, I went back through my wedding album to remember the day.

I thought I'd share some of the photos with you. Firstly because I blooming LOVED my wedding day. I'm obviously biased, but my wedding was the best wedding ever! Secondly, I remember trawling blogs for wedding ideas in the planning process. I've not included any photos of people other than me purely because I'm not sure whether they want their face out there in the public domain! There's also limited photos of me but plenty of the details!!

Mr T was very involved in planning the wedding...sometimes I wished he'd just let me get on with it so I could have it all my own way but it's his day too after all. Anyway, he really wanted a red theme and I really wanted a pink theme. We were at an absolute stalemate with the colour scheme.

A friend suggested that we make a wedding mood board from all the wedding magazines I'd collected and we decided to sort the pictures from pale pink all the way through to red in an ombre effect (though at this point I had no idea what ombre was...!)

Suddenly it all fell into place. We could have red AND pink. We would have an ombre wedding with all the shades. We were both delighted and it was this point that really set the aesthetic for the day. Once that had been decided, the rest seemed to fall into place.

So here it is, our dream wedding!

The Bride

I found my dress quite quickly (I thought) and definitely was the whole cliché of when you know, you know. As soon as I put it on, I felt bridey and then afterwards, couldn't get it out of my head.

The dress itself was by Lilian West (6300 style) and was an A-line, lace and beaded dress with an illusion neckline. It had a chapel length train which could be pinned up for dancing. I got it in Ivory/Silver and it fitted me absolutely perfectly with no adjustments needed at all!

Ombre pink wedding

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Stream of Consciousness - my first Pilates class

Before Class

"Ok, ok, so this seems ok. I've found the studio, the other ladies are non-threatening. This will be fine!"
"A mat, I need a mat. In the corner, at the back."
"Holy mother of...these mats are unruly...and they stink. Can see why everyone brings their own..." 
"Right, I know you're nervous. Let's do a bit of visualisation. I am a calm, serene, stretching goddess."
"Oooh, here's the instructor. She looks fab - see how good Pilates is for you! Glowy!" 

Warm up

"Ok, standing, circling arms. I got this. Remember to breathe in and out. I can do this! Breathing is literally the easiest thing in the world."

Image from Pixabay

During Class

"Any class that involves a predominantly horizontal position isn't going to make me sweat is it!"
"Engage my core? Is that suck my gut in?!" 
"And breathe. At the same time?! That's proving a little difficult." 
"Oooh, apparently engaging your core is more technical that suck belly in. Must remember to ask advice later."
"Is that sweat. Dripping on the mat? It is! I'm sweating...this is not just a glow, I repeat not just a glow. Actual sweat and bucket loads of it."
"My chest is squashing me. I'm not sure this primark sports bra is up to the job of containing them."
"What fresh hell is this? I cannot balance on this few body parts. And breathe. And engage core. At the same time?? Forget difficult, I'm finding this impossible!" Something's got to go."
"Why am I shaking so much? Oh god! Breathe!! I actually forgot to breathe!"
"Now, my core isn't engaged. A single lady core. Probably shouldn't make that joke out loud..."
"No, no, no. I actually can't do that exercise. I'm trying to make my bottom leave the mat but unfortunately it is rooted there." 

Image from Pixabay

End of Class

"Ahhhh, relaxation. Tension in body etc etc. Wait, should I be scrunching up my muscles? Pulling funny faces? Probably best not to fall asleep." 
"Is that it now, is it over?"
"Yes we're all up. Ok, put mat back, thank teacher, leave studio..." 
"I do feel very chilled and pleased. I'll try again next week I think. Although clearly breathing does not come naturally to me. Of all things!"
"Must buy a new sports bra to handle the girls."
"With practise, I will be a serene, stretching goddess. Maybe." 

The Next Morning

"Cannot move. Everything aches..."

Click to find my other stream of consciousness posts

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Essentials

With the recent sunny weather we've been experiencing in the UK, I wondered whether there had every been a better time to blog about my summer essentials. 

Whether it be items I already own...or those I want to own, these are my summer essentials 2016!

Summer Essentials

For those that have read my blog for a while, you'll know I have SUPER thick hair. As in the kind of hair that means my surname on my colour card is mega thick. It's also extremely susceptible to humidity and goes so frizzy!! To combat that, I have developed a technique to tame my hair which I describe in How to make thick unruly hair sleek and manageable.

For the days when I just can't handle the heat of the hairdryer, spiral bobbles are a godsend. I can get my hair off my face and the spiral nature means they're less damaging to my hair.

Also on my essential list are sunnies and a hat. I'm so paranoid about getting wrinkles around my eyes so rarely squint...this means the sun can be dazzling. Sunnies and hats protect my eyes and face from those nasty UV rays. Which leads directly into suncream. I have an olive complexion and catch the sun really easily. However, I never wear lower than SPF 15 and always use Soltan. I find it doesn't irritate my skin at all and the insect repellent version works well.

Sandals are obviously another summer essential and I've got my eye on pairs similar to these Steve Madden ones.

I love love love wearing metallic tattoos in the summer. I was sent some tattoos from Starz Tattoos which I adore. They're long lasting but easy to remove with oil and the metallic colour is really rich and deep.

Makeup wise, I hate the feeling of heavy makeup on my skin in summer. It's when I get my MAC Face and Body out as I love the lightness of it. Plus it's hydrating, a low but buildable coverage and water resistant! Definitely needed in the heat! Waterproof mascara is a must as well and I can't wait to try out the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof as I love the original formula. The Bourjois Aqua Lacque in Rose on the Rocks is still my favourite lip product as described in my top 5 lip products post over a year ago!

To get that bronzed glow, I love St Tropez fake tan, finding it long lasting and easy to apply. I also want to get my hands on the Laura Geller Gilded Honey highlighter - doesn't it look dazzling!!

I also set all that off with Urban Decay fixing spray which ensures my makeup DOES NOT MOVE...all day. Seriously...check out my Does Setting Spray Really Work? post for the ultimate proof!

What summer essentials would you add to this list? Let me know below or on Twitter - @tori30plus

Have a beautiful day, inside and out!

Tori xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Shattered Glass Nails's post is about one of the easiest nail art looks I've ever done. And so pretty, oh so pretty!!

I first saw magical nails like this on Pinterest and fell immediately in love. I mean, who wouldn't! They're just gorgeous. So I started to research the items I needed to recreate the look and found that it seemed fairly simple..

You will need:

Angel Foil Wrap - I got mine from eBay (The seller was ex4im_ltd - I don't know them, but received excellent service)
Nail Foil Adhesive Glue - another eBay job, this time from iluvthisworld2010 which arrived really quickly and well packaged.
White nail polish
Top Coat


I simply cut small triangles of the nail foil out before painting all of my nails white. After they were dry, I put on a thin coat of the adhesive glue which dried to a tacky finish. After that, I placed the triangles where I wanted them and trimmed any excess.

This was my first attempt and I assumed it would be a disaster but it wasn't! The results were perfectly passable if difficult to photograph...! Another thing to bear in mind is that these looked WAY better from a slight distance. Up close, the white nail polish was a little patchy and the angel foil could have been neater but from a distance, I was entranced by the holographic gorgeousness!

The nail foil really caught the light, shimmering and reflecting beautifully!

The next time I do these nails, I will cut smaller triangles as well as placing them more carefully. I think I'm also going to try a gel topcoat set with UV light as a clear topcoat crinkled the foil a little.

Still, for the amount of effort it took, I was mesmerised by these!!

What are your easy nail art looks??

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sleek Contour Palette and Solstice Highlighter Palette Review

It's been a LONG time since I sat down and wrote a blog post. My last post was 2 months ago and that had been prewritten. I've had bloggers block. Mr T suggested I write a post about bloggers block but I couldn't even manage that!

Anyway, a combination of circumstances has finally inspired me to write. Firstly, a Sleek counter arrived in my local town! Yippeeee! The only things we need now in our Superdrug or Boots are NYX and Makeup Revolution. Then my life will be complete!

Secondly, we bought a new PC. My laptop was slowly dying...and it had lost its K key...which made writing about makeup very tricky.

So with those two things in my life...a blog post soon followed. And here it is! Drum roll please......

I've seen lots and lots of positive press/blogs etc about these two products and couldn't wait to get my hands on them once Sleek was more accessible. Better yet, I got them on a buy one, get one half price offer which made my bank account very happy.

Contour Palette

I decided to get the Medium Contour Kit after debating between this and the light. I think in an ideal world I want the medium contour creams but the light highlighting creams. However, I have plenty of light concealers so the medium won.

The palette comes with three highlighting creams and three contour creams as well as an instructional sheet on where to apply them. Very handy!

It explains where to put each cream really clearly and I got a gorgeous contoured look from following it.

The creams themselves are a lovely consistency. They don't feel too slippery and greasy but aren't heavy and tuggy (is that a word?!) either. They take some blending but it's so worth the finished effect when you do.

The colours themselves are slightly warmer in the medium palette than in the light palette. Now this might not appeal to some people, I know most prefer a cool contour but I find on me that they just look really dirty. I prefer a warmer colour on my contour and this definitely delivers!

Solstice Highlighter Palette

The first thing I really noticed about this is the gorgeous packaging. Although it's plastic, I do love the gold mirrored finish and it makes it really easy to spot in my drawer! I'd heard good things about this palette but I was still amazed when I eventually used it. The god, the glow!

Ecliptic is a cream highlighter that is perfect during the day for a "why yes, my skin ALWAYS looks this healthy and young" kinda glow. The other three shades are powders. I've been using Equinox the most as it's such a Tori shade that it's a must. Subsolar has hardly been touched but I think in my head, it's like my Nars Albatross (it probably isn't, but it's gold and that counts...!) and Hemisphere can be a little too cool for my skin by itself.

But seriously, JUST LOOK AT THE GLOW. I actually have to be lighthanded when applying these or I end up looking seriously disco ball. They are amazing. End of story!

Are there any other Sleek products I must try? I've fallen in love with the brand!

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My top 5 eyeshadow palettes

I'm an absolute sucker for a new eyeshadow palette. I love them. Just when I think I couldn't possibly need any more neutral/brown colours, a new palette jumps into my hand and immediately becomes a must have.

I'm also really terrible at using them. I tend to pick a palette and stick with it for a few months, creating all my eyeshadow looks from it. I don't really mix and match my eyeshadows from different palettes.

I must own over 15 eyeshadow palettes (mostly Makeup Revolution to be fair!) but these are my top 5...

Urban Decay Naked

My all time favourite eyeshadow is definitely the original Naked palette from Urban Decay which retails for £38.50. I begged for this for Christmas one year from my parents. At the time, my mum couldn't understand what I would do with "all those eyeshadows" but she's since learned not to question, haha! 

As you can see - Virgin, Sin, Naked and Half Baked have been my most used colouts. In fact, I've hardly touched Creep or Gunmetal at all. Smog, Buck, Sidecar and Darkhorse and my next most used while Toasted and Hustle are occasional use.

My ultimate favourite shade in this palette is Half Baked - it's the only gold shadow I've ever liked and I've never found a good dupe for it. It's perfection.

If anyone ever asks me which eyeshadow palette they should buy first, I always recommend Naked 1 OR a drugstore dupe, depending on their budget.

When I got the palette, it came with a sample of their eyeshadow primer which I used up and a flat brush which I still use to pack colour onto my eyelid.

Makeup Revolution Flawless 2

This is the Flawless 2 palette which retails for £8. This is a fairly recent purchase for me, part of a Makeup Revolution haul back in March. I've got to say, I've used little else since I bought it! I used it to create my eye look for my girls day out at the races. It features 32 shadows in shimmer and matte finishes. My most used in this palette are the first 5 on the top row for covering my primer, then the matte brown shades to deepen my crease. I also use the warmer red-brown shades to warm my eyes up. 

Again, I haven't tended to use the grey or black shades. I do love me a bit of black eyeshadow but for me, it's got to be matte and darker than the night. Sleek Storm palette's black is my current go to - that was a close contender for one of my top 5 palettes but I really only use the black shadow from it...! 

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette (Makeup Revolution)

This is my most recent palette purchase. I was advising my sister in law to try a Makeup Revolution palette as her first foray into eyeshadow when the I Heart Makeup... stand caught my eye. There wasn't much left on it but I did spot this Naked Chocolate palette hiding at the back and as soon as I opened the sample, I was hooked. I'd really been wanting some more warm eyeshadow colours and this fit the bill for me! I bought it on a 3 for 2 offer as well but it would normally retail at £7.99.

Look at those matte deep they are! My favourite shadow is the last one on the top row, it's a gorgeous deep deep brown shadow that is perfect for my outer V. I have found that the shimmer shadows in this palette are not quite as pigmented as I've come to expect from Makeup Revolution but I can live with that for the joy of this palette.

It hasn't replace the Flawless 2 palette as an all rounder yet, but when I want to smoke it up, this is a go to!

W7 In the Buff palette

I'm a big fan of W7 cosmetics, I think they're well priced for decent quality, particularly their nail polishes! I spotted this palette in my local B&M and could instantly see it was a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2. I wanted the Naked 2 because I'm obsessed with my Naked 1...however, I wasn't at all sure I'd use the colours in this one as much. I'm really glad I only picked up a dupe...the quality isn't as good as Urban Decay (but the price makes this still worth buying!) but I can work with it. It also turns out that I was correct...I wouldn't use this nearly as much as my original Naked palette so a dupe is the way to go here. 

It comes with a little double ended brush which I've left in here. One end is one of those useless sponge applicators, but the other end looks like it might be OK for packing colour on. I've never used it!

The Half Baked shadow dupe is nowhere near as perfect as the Naked Half Baked. My favourite shade in this palette is the fifth one along, a sort of taupey brown matte crease colour.

I also own the MUA Undressed 2 palette which is practically identical, however the packaging hasn't stood the test of time so W7 win this one.

If you're not near a B&M store, you can get W7 makeup from their website where the palette is now called Colour Me Buff and is £9.95.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1

For the longest time, this was the only palette I was using. I bought it in August last year and didn't use anything else til March when I got the Flawless 2! I still love it but having bought other palettes, it's gathered dust a little recently. However, I couldn't leave it out of the running. 

This is the palette that converted me to Makeup Revolution. It's just perfect. The top row is all matte shades including my two most used crease colours (number 3 and number 5) as well as a gorgeous deep brown for deepening the outer V. 

The bottom row is all shimmers. I've not used the last two colours having gone off very dark smokey eyes a little over the last year. (Don't worry, I'm SURE I'll be back on the dark smokes soon, I've been loving lots of YouTube looks with black shadows recently). The first and second shimmer colours are gorgeous packed on the lid with the matte colours blended into the crease. 

I recently did 4 looks with this palette (granted, they're not that dissimilar!) and find it so versatile. Definitely worth hunting down. It's supposed to be a dupe for Lorac's Iconic palettes which I've never even seen but from photos, they are strikingly similar. 

You can pick up the Iconic Pro 1 from the Makeup Revolution website where it retails at ONLY £6.99!!!

So, those are my top 5 eyeshadow palettes...let me know yours in the comments and feed my addiction, haha! 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

Saturday, 14 May 2016

My Most Loved - a tag from Just Charlotte

Charlotte from over at Just Charlotte recently tagged me in her most loved post - a post she wrote inspired by an old Zoella tag and a conversation with her best friend. It's taken me ages to get round to it as I've found it SO difficult to choose my favourite products!! Read on to find out what I've chosen.


For this, I'm going to have to sort of cheat and choose something that's not a lipstick. Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Rose on the Rocks is my go to lip product. The formula is thin and easy to wear without being sticky. It's got a gorgeous sheen of colour and is moisturising to boot. Once it's on, it doesn't run or move. It's not the most long lasting lip colour but really easy to wear and practically foolproof. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Rose on the Rocks


This is an easy choice, my engagement and wedding rings are my favourite piece of jewellery. I (obviously) never take them off but not only that, Mr T actually did an amazing job! He chose a round solitaire diamond for my engagement ring on quite a chunky band. I have chubby fingers and am REALLY clumsy so the chunkier band suits them better and is stronger and more substantial. My wedding ring is engraved on the inside with a line from our song and is the same style as the band of the engagement ring. I also really love that he bought them from the jeweller that my dad buys all my mum's jewellery from. It's a family tradition that our jewellery comes from there - the service is SO friendly and personal. I love that he carried the tradition on. I love them and every time I look at them, I'm reminded of how much I love Mr T and how much he loves me. 


I adore Jo Malone perfumes, one of my favourites being Peony and Blush Suede (my wedding day perfume). However, my all time favourite is Pomegranate Noir. I really love these heavier scents (Gucci Rush was another favourite of mine). I do think it suits Autumn/Winter better though! 


This is TOO hard. I love all my shoes. Passionately. I *should* say the shoes Mr T bought me when I turned 30, a classic pair of Louboutin simple pumps in black. While I do love these, I actually think my favourite shoes are from Primark (!) I know, I know!!! BUT...they're bright pink suede and studded and so bright, flashy and trashy that I can't help but adore them. I'm a terrible person. 


This is so much easier to answer now that I've managed to get my wardrobe down to a capsule wardrobe (My creating a capsule wardrobe will give you some tips). My favourite outfit is now black skinny jeans, a black cami-vest and my blue blazer with skyscraper heels and a fabulous bag. I really feel like it's the perfect smart-casual outfit and is so simple.

Nail Polish

I've never been one for pastel nail polishes so imagine my surprise when I accidentally bought a pastel pink nail polish, not once, but twice!! It's ended up being my go-to when I want my nails to look done but not over the top. The nail polish in question is Barry M's Pink Lemonade - the perfect pastel pink. Ignore the picture on the Boots website, in life it's a dreamy, creamy pastel pink that's not sickly sweet but perfectly manicured gorgeousness. 

Hair Product

This took a lot of consideration as I rely on so many hair products to get through daily life (see my how to make thick unruly hair sleek and manageable post). The product that makes the most difference to my life though is the Schwarzkopf Got2Be Mindblowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray. On hair as thick as mine, the difference this makes to drying time is amazing. I was skeptical, very skeptical at first but this really makes a difference.


Now this one is easy, the bag I use the most and easily my favourite is my black Michael Kors bag. My dad bought it for me and I think it's the Hamilton Saffiano Leather Medium Satchel. It's a beauty and I use it almost every day. 

What are your most loved products? 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My interpretation of a 1970s makeup look

Long, long ago near the beginning of my blog, I attempted a 1920s makeup look. I've enjoyed researching historical makeup trends ever since and with Spring arriving, I wanted something a little lighter and fresher so in rolled the 1970s.

To me, the 1970s had two distinct looks - disco and sort of bohemian. Disco looks developed towards the end of the decade and were all about opulence, smokey eyes and glitter. It was in your face, metallic and fabulous. But definitely not a daytime look...and this was a generic Sunday day, haha! So I chose to go for the more subtle, natural(ish) look of the early 70s. 

Features of 1970s makeup

Natural looking products were marketed by makeup companies, apparently directed at feminists of the 1960s who (at the time) felt that perhaps wearing makeup wasn't for the liberated and meant that men only saw women as sex objects. Natural products were seen as enhancing beauty from within and so the marketers cleverly sidestepped their issues. 

Popular colours on the eyes were blues, greens and purples and shimmery eyeshadow was really having its moment. 

The cat eye shape was seen a lot with eyeshadows blended into the eye well. No harsh lines here thanks! There was probably no crease shade but one colour all over the lid. 

Eyebrows were thin...but my dedication to the cause doesn't go that far! 

On the lips, pastel shades were worn throughout the decade and gloss was very fashionable in extremely shiny finishes! 

On the skin, blusher and bronzer was applied liberally! 

My interpretation

I started with a bright green eyeshadow set down as a base. This was alarming to say the least, so I had to forego the 70s trend of one colour all over and tone it down a little with gold shimmering eyeshadow applied over the top and warm brown shades applied in the crease to create a subtle cat eye shape.

I applied black liquid eyeliner on the top lashline in a very thin line but didn't flick it out. The 1970s wasn't really about eyeliner. I left my lower lash line eyeliner free. 

On my lips, I applied the pinkest, stickiest, shiniest lip gloss I could find in my collection - this is actually a liquid lipstick from Primark's makeup range. 

On my face, I applied liberal amounts of bronzer to get that 1970s glow and some very pink blusher. I did later tone this down a little with pressed powder...

One flower crown later and my interpretation of a 1970s makeup look was complete!

What's your favourite makeup decade?

Have a beautiful day, inside and out 

Tori xx

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Exploring the Peak District

Regular readers will know, I love me a day out in the Great British countryside...and the Peak District is somewhere I've never explored before. Mr T and I decided to spend a day trundling round (and up) the Peak District and this is what we saw...
Exploring the Peak District

Winnat's Pass
Winnats Pass took my breath away as we turned the corner in the car to be confronted with this. I wish now I'd got out to take a photo.

Mam Tor

Mam Tor is a hill in the Peak District (handily with a NT car park) also known as Shivering Mountain due to lots of landslips. The summit itself was a bronze and iron age settlement - reflected in the paving stones laid on the route to the top. Burial mounds are buried underneath the summit itself. We completed the Mam Tor circular walk from the National Trust  on a gorgeous sunny days with views for miles! I will say that the path down from Mam Tor isn't THAT easy to find and we had to do quite a bit of scrambling around...especially through the boggy parts...
Mam Tor

Mam Tor Panorama
Panorama from summit of Mam Tor.

Mam Tor view


Mint Icecream Bakewell

Bakewell is a market town on a river, home to the famous Bakewell pudding. There were about three ships laying claim  to the original recipe...pudding wars!  I didn't try be pudding but did treat myself to this ice cream - I can't resist mint!! 
Bakewell River Wye

Bakewell has a lock bridge crossing over the river Wye. Now love them or hate them, they're definitely a tourist feature now and made for a somewhat interesting photo. I was more interested in tbe river scenery myself. 
Bakewell Lock Bridge


Next stop was Buxton which I didn't think much of at first, then we found this gorgeous park. The Pavilion Gardens are gorgeous. Really well landscaped with a little railway running through as well as a stream and plenty of pathways and photographic opps! 

Buxton Pavilion Gardens

Buxton Pavilion Gardens

Buxton Pavilion Gardens tree statue
I loved this wooden tree statue! Carved from an old beech tree, the statue combines wildlife and Buxton heritage.

I'll definitely be going back to the Peak District - do you have any must-see spots?

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

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