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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September Primark Haul

I got a little bit spendy in Primark...accidentally. It happens to us all, right??

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup Haul

Do you ever get those days where one last little bit of temptation is one last little bit too far? That's what happened to me when an email from TAM Beauty came...offering a £30 mystery bag with purchases over £30. I've done this a couple of times now and always found some decent products in the mystery before I knew it, I was adding to basket and placing my order!
Huge Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup haul including a free £25 mystery gift! #bbloggers #makeup #haul

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

January Clothing Haul

Despite my very best efforts to not spend money in January, the shops lured me in...and not even into their sales! 

To be honest, I needed some day clothes that didn't involve jeans and I certainly found lots in the shops.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul

One day recently, I woke up with the need to visit the Makeup Revolution website. I'd been watching YouTube hauls and reading blog posts and decided that the Ultra Strobe cream was going to be a necessity in my life, haha! 

Needless to say, a few more bits popped into my basket including two of the gorgeous rose gold lipsticks!! Read on to find out what else I bought...
Makeup Revolution Haul
One of my immediately loved purchases was the Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 2. This is STUNNING. For the bargain price of £8 you get these 32 stunning neutral shadows with amazing pigmentation. It has a perfect mix of cool and warm tones. 

I'm particularly loving Sound to blend out the crease and Overcome and Unconditional to make a plummy/brown smokey eye. 

Makeup Revolution Haul

I also picked up this colour correcting palette to see if I can sort out my purple eye bags and the redness around my nose.  This was only £6 and I've reviewed it more in depth over at my "How to Colour Correct" post so go check it out!
Makeup Revolution Haul

Next up are the two beautiful rose gold lipsticks! Just look at the packaging of these!! (And please do excuse the sly shot of me photographing them in the reflection, blogger problems!!) 

Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution Haul

I picked up the colours Chauffeur (which I've seen EVERYWHERE in the blogosphere!) and Member's Club. These are only £3 each! They apply with a slightly glossy finish and are SO comfortable to wear! 

The last two things I picked up were a lipliner and the Ultra Strobe Cream which for some reason only manage to find its way into the very corner of this one photo!! 

The lipliner itself is a fairly standard liner which I needed to go with my berry lipsticks. I love that it has a sharpener in the lid too! 

The strobe cream is so pretty! I bought the shade Euphoria which is a pink based cream highlight. I can anticipate using this a lot more in summer with dewy skin on my holidays. 

Do you have any other recommendations of products to buy from Makeup Revolution? What are your favourites? 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Recent Beauty Purchases - January & February

Rather than do one big shop recently, I've been picking up bits here and there - scatter shopping, haha! Most of these were impulse purchases though, which I've really got to stop! I need to concentrate on the things on my wish list, haha! 

These appeared on my doorstep - I think I'd drunkenly ordered them! However, I'm loving them. The powder brush is so soft...

I also FINALLY paid a visit to the Kiko shop in the Trafford Centre. I picked up two BB lip glazes in a coral and pink colour. Initial impressions are good - they're quite pigmented and not at all sticky. I also picked up two taupey eyeshadows which look less similar in real life, haha! These are really pigmented and seem very blendable. I need to get a Z-pallette to put them in...and I'll probably pick up some Makeup Geek eyeshadows at the same time!

I've been really intrigued by using the after-shave balm as a primer for a long time thanks to Nikkie Tutorials. I spotted it on offer in Sainsbury's so picked it up! 

Finally, my pops gave me some money to treat myself so I headed down to Boots and picked up these bits. I ADORE the Barry M nail paints - they last really well. I'm also loving the OGX shampoo and conditioner. I'm not so keen on True Match - I found it's going really cakey unless I mix it with some Lumi Magique primer...may as well have bought the Lumi Magique foundation!! 

What have you picked up recently??

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The haul that broke my spending ban

I was on a spending ban. I was half way through...but I cracked. I did manage three weeks without spending anything on beauty related products which is an achievement...however, the call of the make-up counters proved too much to resist.

the haul that broke a spending ban

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Haul post - Lush, Primark, Superdrug and New Look

I finally went shopping! Hurrah! It feels like ages since I went shopping and my last haul post was when I got my two W7 palettes.Luckily, I found lots of gorgeous things to buy so be prepared for a picture heavy post.


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Beauty haul featuring W7, Schwarzkopf and Maybelline

I love a good bargain and luckily (or unluckily for my bank account) I have a variety of bargain shops within 10 minutes of my house.

I love that you can pick up beauty products in these shops for pennies and sometimes end up with a hero product (hello w7 waterproof liquid liner for £1!) 

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