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Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year's Eve GRWM

I'm spending NYE this year with some very close friends of ours and I can't wait! I'm so excited. I've been planning my makeup for some time and bought the perfect outfit the other day from H&M. A balance of dressy and casual with some absolute girliness thrown in for good measure!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

GRWM: Family Party

I've had a very busy month in September - lots of family birthdays including a very big one! My GRWM posts have been quite popular in the past so I thought I'd show you my makeup look for the big family party that we had at the beginning of the month, especially as I used some colour on my eyes. Most unusual for me!

This was the finished eye look:

Sunday, 4 September 2016

GRWM: Brunch Girl Date

I've done a sort of GRWM post before when I went to Ladies Day at Aintree and it was a popular post so I thought I'd do another! This time a brunch date with some of my besties!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Girls Day Out Routine

Normally, I'm working in school on Ladies Day but Easter fell fortuitously this year and I was able to attend for the first time.

I realised I was going to spend the best part of three days getting ready for the big day itself (I love a good prep week!) and fired out a tweet asking if I should blog about it. The answer came back loud and clear -  a resounding yes! After that, I realised that I do the same every time I go out with the girls. So here it beauty bloggers blog about a Girls Day Out at Aintree.

Girls Day Out Routine

The Makeup Look

I started getting ready on the Wednesday when I trialled mine and my bestie's makeup. I LOVED the look I created (although it was a little glam for my supermarket trip later in the day...)

Here's the trial look:

Eye makeup look Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette
ALWAYS a hair in the way....grrrrr! 
I created this eye look using the Flawless 2 palette from Makeup Revolution that I hauled in this post.

Makeup Revolution Flawless palette names
I used Complexion all over the lid, then slowly deepened the crease using Infinite, Upper and Victory. Then I blended Finish, Overcome and Unconditional (mixed those last two) into the outer V. I finished it off by mixing together Excel and Faultless and patting it all over my lid. 

I did my flicks using my beloved Lord and Berry Liquid Eyeliner which I reviewed in my "What is the best eyeliner?" post and used Peaches and Cream pigment in Pearl as my inner corner highlight. These pigments are AMAZING! Peaches and Cream is a salon/shop in Liverpool that I'm dying to try out. They produce their own range of makeup and it is seriously good! You can buy it from their website or their shop in Liverpool. I'm not being paid to say any of these...I'm just fangirling! 

I finished the eye look off with one of my favourite budget eyelashes, the Lumiere Deluxe Lashes from Home Bargains which I reviewed in My Favourite Budget Eyelashes

On my lips, I wore the Freedom Pro Bare lipstick in 112 Sooner or Later topped with an LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Elude (I think...!).

I loved the way that bestie and I had the same makeup, but it looked different due to eye shape, colouring etc. 

The Outfit

I didn't get any decent outfit photos which I am GUTTED about. I completely forgot. However, my style when I go all out is very girly so I wore an a-line patterned skirt which came to mid calf in a black and purple print. I got it for my birthday and put into a Polyvore post. It's the middle skirt! I paired it with a black bodysuit, black heels with a ribbon tie and a black clutch.

2015 - The Year of the Skirt


Other essential parts about getting ready included my timeline...this is something I always do when I've got a big event coming up - you should have seen my wedding timeline!! I worked backwards from the pick up time and included everything I could think of...haha!

Essentials for the day

Finally, no girls day out is complete without a bag full of essentials. I like to take a roomy clutch so I'm prepared for every (beauty) eventuality. 

I always carry top up make up with me. On this occasion I took the two blushers I was wearing along with a dense brush so I could rebuff my foundation if it started to look cakey. I also took some eyelash glue because there's nothing worse than your lashes popping off. For eyes I took some black eyeliner pencil for the water line. This Rimmel eyeliner has a smudger brush at the end too which makes it perfect for fixing any makeup that's moved at all. I also took my mascara. For lips, I took the Kate lipstick in Shade 42 which I reviewed in my Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, the Nude Collection post as well as this Essence XXXL nude lipgloss in Soft Almond - an absolute steal at only £2!!!

Aside from beauty essentials, I took a pair of fold up pumps, a phone charger and some aviator sunglasses from Primark that I wouldn't have minded if I lost them. I'm jolly glad I didn't lose them though, love them!!

All that little lot fit into my bag along with my phone, keys and money! It's a magic bag that never seems to get full!!

What are your essentials for a girls night/day out?? Let me know what I'm missing!!

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

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