My little blog is written as a hobby about products and experiences I love and enjoy. Although I am little, I've been lucky enough to work with a few brands and so feel a disclaimer is necessary.

PR gifts

Occasionally, I am lucky enough to be gifted items by PR companies or brands. Where I have received something, I will always disclose this within the post. Honesty is the best policy and I will always write about my true experience with a product.

Most of the items featured on my blog have been purchased by myself or received as birthday/Christmas presents.

Sponsored Posts 

I will accept sponsored posts and will make this clear within the post. As of December 2016, no posts had yet been sponsored.

Ads and Affiliate Links

I run Google AdSense on my blog in the sidebar and beneath posts.

Since December 2016. I occasionally use affiliate links with Shop Style. These links take the form of a product link when the product is one of the main features of the post. Not all links are affiliate links. It will state that affiliate links have been used. Affiliate links work by using a cookie on your computer. They pay a small percentage to me if you purchase the product using the link. I only link to products I have used and loved myself.

My skin, hair and colouring

My skin type is combination and dehydrated. My hair is thick and coarse. My colouring tends towards warm. I suffer from scalp psoriasis.

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