Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Lakes Distillery Tour and Tasting

What do you get when you combine the beautiful Lake District and gin??? The Lakes Distillery tour!

Earlier this year, I took part in a tour and tasting at the Lakes Distillery and I've got to tell you - it was excellent. And I don't just mean the gin...

The Lakes Distillery is located near Bassenthwaite Lake in an old Victorian farm (you can find their refurbishment story here) which has been sympathetically refurbished and modernised to create the distillery.

They're so close to the River Derwent that they use the freshest water from it to create their magical spirits (not the ghostly kind...)

We were booked onto a tour with tasting at the end and I was driving (a present for hubs...) so we pulled up onto the ample car park with about 15 minutes to spare before our tour. They're well serviced by public transport if you don't have a designated driver. We exchanged our voucher for tickets and browsed the shop while we waited for the tour. If we'd been a little more organised, we would have booked an afternoon tea at the on-site restaurant as it looked amazing!

Soon enough, the tour began with the most breathtaking aerial footage along the River Derwent before entering the distillery itself to learn about its history, processes and the drinks it distils.

Lakes Distillery History

The distillery was founded by a Scottish whisky distiller called Paul Currie and is run day to day by master distillers. It opened in 2014 and since then has made a name for itself as a green, community centered distillery. As I said, it's based in an old farm where the main barn houses the mash house and other outbuildings form the shops, bistro and storage. 

The main aim of the distillery is to produce whiskey and it's signature blend is almost ready for selling! Exciting times!

To make ends meet while the whiskey does its thing, the distillery made vodka and gin which is a much quicker process...and I've got to honest, I was there for the gin! 

The Tasting

I didn't partake in the tasting on the tour (designated driver and all that) but my sister and husband did and assured me that the whiskey blend was earthy, the vodka smooth and the gin was heavenly. I did later try the gin and can confirm that it is delicious! I'm dying to try their rhubarb and rosehip gin now! Add to that, their funky and modern packaging and you have a winning combination!

At only £12.50 for the tour and tasting it is WELL worth every penny -  especially if you're a gin lover like myself...

Tori xx

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