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Iceland Day Two - The Golden Circle tour and Snowmobiling on Langokull Glacier

Love geology, history and a little bit of adrenaline? The Golden Circle tour with snow-mobiling is definitely the tour for you! Our second day in Iceland was all of this combined!

We chose to do an organised excursion for the Golden Circle for two reasons. One: we wanted to go snow-mobiling on the glacier and it seemed the best way to do that was by joining an organised excursion and two: we'd heard horror stories about driving in Iceland during the winter/spring months. As it turned out, we could have driven the Golden Circle and picked up the snow-mobiling bus at the waterfalls and that's definitely what I would recommend to anyone wanting to do the same. The excursion was good, the driver was amazing and our ride was something else...but I'd have loved more time at each site and we could have achieved that by getting between sites quicker, leaving earlier and getting back later.

Our ride

Our ride for the day had to be able to get up the glacier and so was a Mercedes Sprinter that had been modified with some fancy pants wheels that could handle the extreme environment. Everywhere we went, people filmed the bus, took selfies with it or watched us drive past with their mouths open! It was pretty epic!


This is a national park of Iceland which combines history, geology and natural beauty! It is the site where the Viking rulers of Icelandic history used to gather annually at the law rock to recite the laws and discuss Icelandic issues. Laws were passed and approved here as well as marriages, divorces etc. It's got a hugely important part to play in Icelandic history as it was here the people gathered, culture was passed on and language formed.

Geologically, it's a fascinating place. Half of it lies on the Eurasian tectonic plate and the other on the North American tectonic plate. You can stand on one and gaze at the other across a lake which contains the Silfra fissure flowing with water that is renowned for how clear it is. It's a popular spot with divers and snorklers as the water remains a constant temperature and the clarity is astounding.


The next stop was a geothermal area where the ground was steaming! It contains many hot springs and geysers...the biggest of which is Geysir who now lies almost dormant. The most active is Strokkur, which erupts every couple of minutes. 

I could have stayed here and watched Strokkur all day. The sense of anticipation building up to the eruption was strangely peaceful! 

Snowmobiling on Langokull Glacier

This was by far the most adventurous thing I have ever done, from the ride up the glacier to the actual snow-mobiling itself. 

First of all, you get fully kitted up with a warm boiler suit type outfit, gloves, a balaclava and a full helmet. Then a quick lesson on the workings of the snow-mobile and you're off! Riding in convoy for half an hour with a quick photo opp and chance to swap drivers before driving back.

You're greeted back at base with hot chocolate and biscuits - a welcome treat after almost an hour out in the snow!


The final stop on our tour was Gullfoss which translates as Golden Falls. They're formed where the Hvita river rushes down a "staircase" before falling into a pool. The colours here are just magical and the falls feel so powerful when you're standing there. 

Each turn in the path revealed another angle to these falls.

Have you ever visited Iceland? Let me know your favourite spot in the comments below!

Tori x

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