Saturday, 6 January 2018

What I got for Christmas 2017

As always, I'm only intending to show my appreciation for the gifts I received in this post - this year, I received some gorgeous gifts (and a tin of Spam from Mr T...I think he was trying to be funny...) and I felt so incredible grateful to not only receive the gifts, but also to spend time with the people giving them to me.

My favourite part of Christmas prep is choosing and wrapping the perfect gift for someone - this year, my favourite gift I bought was a Cumbrian colouring book for my dad. It brought back all the memories for him and is a present I bought a long time ago. When you see the perfect gift, you just know don't you!

Anyway, onto my beautiful presents!

My main present from Mr T was Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler. It's a scent I've loved for a long time but never taken the plunge and bought so it was lovely to unwrap this from underneath the tree!

Mr T also bought me a Chip backpack from Primark - he'd seen me lust over the cuteness of it earlier in December and decided to pick it up. I have no idea when I'll ever use it but my goodness, it looks good on my wardrobe door! He also gave into my stationery and face mask obsession with a few little paper clip stocking fillers and some face masks. In a bid to help me get more organised (my new year's resolution), he got me this cute planner from Sainsbury's. I'm already meal planning in it and writing down my blog jobs!

I was also a blogger cliché and opened a letter board from my Christmas stocking. I've bene loving using it to create some décor spots in my home.

I got lots of bath products this year including some gorgeous bath teas for different occasions such as calming, energising and serenity which I'm so excited to try. I also got a set of crackers with cocktail inspired bubble bath. I'm not currently drinking in a bid to improve my overall health and so these were gratefully received! Alongside the prosecco candles I got.

Mr T bought me a big bag of Himalayan salt which I intend to make into salt scrubs using recipes from my Pinterest board on soap making etc.

My mum, as always, managed to get her hands on the Soap and Glory gift set this year which seemed to be bigger and better than ever before. Lots of full sized make up products which was amazing! She also bought me a GHD hairdryer which was gratefully received. I cut my hair off recently and this hairdryer makes drying my new short hair a breeze!

I got a range of books and DVDs to entertain myself with - my mum got me the two books which I'd spotted throughout the year. I do love a good hardback book to read! Hubs got me the two DVDs which MAY have been heavily hinted at by myself, haha!

Hubs' family did a secret santa this year - I was super pleased with the present I bought for his uncle who loves a joke and the present I received was all about the cosy feels including this GORGEOUS rose gold "hug in a mug" mug. It's absolutely perfect! I loved photographing it and adding a twinkle effect with my new favourite app, Lumyer!

Finally, my beautiful bestie had seen me ogling this birthday card planner in October and picked it up for me. She's so cute! I'm constantly duplicating birthday cards or forgetting to get them at all so this is going to be SO helpful!

What was your favourite part of Christmas?

Tori xx
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