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Dinner and Drinks in Knutsford

Sick of our home town, my gorgeous friends and I decided to go to Knutsford for dinner and drinks. We had a lovely time and really loved the places we visited! It's so worth a trip there is you're localish (we're about 30 minutes away by car) or if you're staying in the area and want somewhere nice to eat.

The Lost and Found

What we ate and drank

This is where we ate and our experience really started long before we arrived. Online, tables were showing as booked out so I rang the bar itself and they managed to find us a table at an amazing time. I was so pleased! 

On arrival, we were taken upstairs to the restaurant and to our table where service was prompt and really friendly. 

We chose the sharing breads to start with which we demolished before I could take a picture! However, there were three slices of three types of bread - sundried tomato foccacia (our favourite); toasted sourdough and pitta bread served with rapeseed oil and vinegar and beetroot and rosemary hummus. The breads were fresh and delicious and the oil had a lightly smokey taste that was so good. 

For our main courses, we all chose things from different part of the menu and my lovely friends patiently waited for me to photograph them before we dove in!

My choice was this pressed belly of pork served with black pudding and potato cake; crackling and an onion puree. I also ordered the seasonal vegetables with this which came with radish, sugar snap peas and carrots. It was GORGEOUS. I finished every mouthful of this dish and savoured them all too.

My sister ordered wild mushroom risotto which was finished with dolcelatte and hazelnuts. She absolutely loves my baked mushroom risotto and said that this was just as good. I tasted a mouthful and the flavour of the wild mushrooms permeated the whole dish. The addition of the hazelnuts added a welcome crunch to the dish as well.

My friend order the cured salmon and king prawn linguine as this is her favourite dish. She's always drawn to it! She was a little unsure about cured salmon - which is essentially gravadlax from what we could see - and would have preferred the dish without ultimately. However, the prawns and the linguine itself were delicious. 

For drinks, I was drinking mocktails as I was the designated driver for the evening - I had the Hedgerow Cooler which was really fresh and fruity. My group also ordered the Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush Spumante which was a sparkling, pale rose wine. It took AGES to come but we were kept up to date on its progress and given a discount to compensate for the time taken but when it came, they both said it was well worth the wait. Crisp and dry, it complemented the food really nicely. 

The atmosphere

The building itself is the old town hall of Knutsford and is absolutely huge. Through clever sectioning, they've managed to create cosy nooks and large spaces as well. The decor is gorgeous - Victoriana botanist style and I was totally in love the the vintage touches such as the typewriter by the door.

The restaurant itself is upstairs and is split level. The kitchen is open as well. The tables were well spaced out. There was a pleasant hum of chatter but it was quiet enough to be able to enjoy a conversation and you couldn't hear the music from downstairs at all. 

Downstairs was the bar. Here the music was a lot louder for dancing! There's a huge bar running the length of the room, plenty of space for dancing and seating to soothe those achey feet! There also seemed to be another room named Sssssh! which is the hidden bar that every Lost and Found has. It looked like there was an event in there that evening so we didn't explore. 

Anything to improve?

We waited a long time for the wine to arrive but we were kept up to date and given a discount to compensate so I really can't complain about that. 
The linguine was quite salty with the cured salmon - although my friend did point out she'd added a ton of parmesan which is also salty...


Barristers Restaurant in The Courthouse

What we drank

This is over the road from Lost and Found and is based in the old courthouse of Knutsford. We drank Cranberry cooler mocktail, gin and tonic and a gorgeous Malbec red wine in here. We spotted lots of cocktails being made in here as well including some with very exciting blowtorch action!! 

I'd love to eat here because some of the food coming out looked delicious!

The atmosphere

A lot lot quieter than Lost and Found but gave us some great time to catch up and rest our feet after Lost and Found. The staff were super friendly and showed us to some comfortable seats.

The tables were raised up around the central bar and the walls were covered in artwork including famous posters such as the Sirius Black poster from Harry Potter. 

I was literally obsessed with the domed ceiling as well - it was stunning!

Anything to improve?

We waited quite a long time for our bill to arrive once we had managed to request it - there was quite a large group in the bar and staff seemed to be quite busy.


April's Kitchen

What we drank

This is where we had our main drinks. Diet coke for me this time and cocktails or gin and tonic for my friends. The stand out drink in here was the April Showers cocktail.

I do LOVE a cocktail with edible flowers and this was so pretty. There was a wide selection of gins which all came with their own garnishes e.g. blueberries. We also had their Forever or Never cocktail which tasted just like parma violet sweets...more on that later though! 

The atmosphere

This was really lively. There was a DJ on a balcony style setup blasting out the tunes, plenty of seats and table service if required. 

I really loved the cosy meets chic with a pop of colour theme they've gone for in here. Bubblegum pink chairs mixed with metal embellishments - it sounds like it shouldn't have worked but it really does! 

Even the toilets had an awesome vibe with song lyrics all over the walls in a graffiti style. 

Anything to improve?

My friend just couldn't handle the lurid blue nature of the Forever or Never cocktail and swapped with my sister for her gin and tonic. The colour didn't bother me so much...I love a bubblegum coloured drink...but I wasn't sure that lurid blue cocktails should be served in a champagne flute. I think I'd have preferred a small tumbler. That's being ultra picky though!


All in all, we really really loved our night in Knutsford. These three places will definitely be visited again - I've got my eye on April's Kitchen's smashed avocado for breakfast or the bottomless brunch at Lost and Found for sure! 

We're definitely going to explore more of the towns in our vicinity for dinner and drinks - I don't mind driving, especially if it means getting to go to nicer places! Where else would you recommend in the Cheshire or Lancashire region?

Tori xx

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