Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Years' Resolutions 2018

This year, my resolutions are a mixture. There's things I want to be and things I want to do. More of a to do list than a resolution perhaps? Nevertheless, this is my plan.

Craft More

I've been loving Pinterest more and more at the moment and I'm keen to make some time for crafting. I used to be an avid card maker and while this has dropped off the wayside, I still have lots of supplies and lots of creativity inside waiting to be unleashed. Pinterest and Instagram have me so interested in crafting.

I'm no artist, but I recently tried some simple watercolours  in my watercolour wedding card and this mermaid.

Now I'm keen to discover new crafts and to get better at lettering!

Be more organised at home

I'm SO organised at work with a to do list and a diary and everything written down and completed before deadlines. I like to be efficient and organised and I think, on the whole, I succeed at that. However, my home life is a different matter.

I'd like to get into a routine with cleaning and housework, as well as organise my time more efficiently so that I don't get caught out when my mother pops by unannounced!

We've just embarked on house renovations so it's going to even more critical that I'm organised at home. I'd love to Instagram the progress of the house too!

Laugh everyday

I'm generally a pretty positive person in general anyway but I want to make sure I laugh everyday. I've got a lot of stuff going on at the moment and am totally aware that I'm going to need to work very hard to make it through the "stuff" without sinking. I feel I'm strong enough to do it and hopefully, remembering to make time everyday to laugh will remind me that life always goes on.

Be kind

It's not that I think I'm unkind, I just know I could be more kind...or perhaps I mean patient. By writing it down and committing to it, I'm ensuring that I'm keeping it at the forefront of my mind.

Are you making any resolutions?

Tori xx
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