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Top 5 Blogging Tips by Natalie-Claire

I recently chatted with Natalie during a Twitter chat and then we decided to collaborate together. You can find my post about how blogging has enhanced my career over at Engineer With Style which is Natalie's AMAZING blog! Natalie has written a post of blogging tips for me and I think it's perfect - I definitely need to follow some of her tips more! I'm sure you'll love reading them as much as I did. 

I’m a structural engineer and blogger who writes about Personal development and Inspiration. Through my blog I want to empower women to define what success means to them and have the courage to achieve their personal life goals.
I love being creative and design free printables for my Subscribers. Each printable focuses on productivity, planning and creating habits that help you to achieve your goals.

My Top 5 Blogging tips

1. Consistency
The number one advice I would give to all bloggers is to be consistent with blog posts. This is crucial to your online growth because your audience is able to keep you in mind. If your blog posts are sporadic your audience can easily trail away.

Being consistent doesn’t necessarily mean writing 2-3 blogs posts per week all year round. All it means is that you should stick to a writing schedule that suits you and your lifestyle. For example, this could be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly depending on what is best for you. Your audience will definitely appreciate this type of posting and they will start looking forward to your next scheduled blog post.

Consistency helps you to create a blog posting schedule and be better organised. This then relieves the pressure of having to write as many blog posts as you can all the time. Being consistent gives you the freedom to plan for future posts.   

2. Being Unique

Being unique simply means to share your own perspective on life and the world. Your experience of the world is unique to you and so should your perspective be. By incorporating what is important to you and how you experience the world you can share a different view from other bloggers out there.
For example, if you had a health and fitness blog, you could include the following types of blog posts:
- Nutrition on a budget while saving for your dream car. 
- Relationships - how different relationships good or bad relationships have affected your health
Being able to share your own unique experience helps others to connect with you and relate to you on a more personal level.

3. Graphics, photos and Website Layout
We are all visually attracted to things, so having a blog that has beautiful graphics, images and an organised site layout will benefit your blog tremendously. As readers visit your site, they should want to stay for more as they enjoy the visual aspects of your blog.
For creating great graphics I recommend picmonkey.com there you can edit your photos and create amazing blog title graphics (like the one I designed for this post) and much more. You can use images and photos to highlight certain parts of the written post hence increasing the connection you create with your readers.
Adding images to a post, of course, allows the reader to enjoy the blog post more by using their visual senses to really understand and be part of your article.
A well-structured, organised and visually stunning website lets your readers and visitors easily navigate through your website while enjoying their visit to your site.

4. Social engagement
It is important to have some social media channels that you can engage further with your audience. I love Twitter and Instagram for engaging with readers and other bloggers. There are so many different types of social media outlets out there to try but it’s best to stick to 2 or 3 that you really enjoy and can dedicate your time to.
(Or if you have the talent and time to do them all, don’t let me stop you)

5. Collaboration
This guest post with the wonderful Tori is all thanks to our engagement on social media and then reaching out to collaborate.
I decided to be more intentional this year about collaborating with other bloggers online. I was a bit nervous at first but most bloggers out there are open to collaborating (unless they have a big online profile)
I have definitely seen the difference in my audience reach since collaborating with others. It is a fantastic way to engage with other bloggers, gain exposure and share each other's audience. Collaborating with other bloggers who have similar interests and are happy to share what you write about is the best advice I could give to you all.

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*Thanks to Natalie for working with me and collaborating on posts about blogging*

Tori x

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