Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September Primark Haul

I got a little bit spendy in Primark...accidentally. It happens to us all, right??

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark

I initially went in for some new black skinny jeans and some makeup brushes to do some face glitter at a friend's party. I came out with half the store. I didn't even know it was possible to spend £100+ in Primark!! So what did I get??

Primark Disney Range

Anyone who's anyone has seen the Chip coin purse on Instagram so when I spotted him in real life, I just couldn't resist! I also picked up Mrs Potts!

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark

I mean, he's just so darn cute! Chip was £4 and Mrs Potts was £6. Now what will I do with them??

Primark Beauty Range

I really rate lots of the Primark beauty range. I noticed they had a new Insta-Girl range out and picked up a few bits. 

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark
 These were to add to the face glitter so I picked up three at £1.50 each.

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark
 I ADORE the colours in this eyeshadow palette. The pigmentation is OK...the shimmer colours are better than the mattes. At £6, it was pricier than other eye palettes but by no means expensive!

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark
The makeup brushes and brush cleanser spray were to use for face glitter at a friend's party. I bought three of the eyeshadow brushes and one foundation brush. I actually really rate Primark makeup brushes - my favourite ever eye brush is Primark!

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark
Primark nails are the best. They come in so many different styles and shapes, the glue is decent and they're really strong! I got these for the party and they looked amazing on! These were £2, I think because of the glitter. Still great value for money!
September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #primark
I picked up two of these lip jellys by the till as when I saw the ingredient list I was amazed! No petroleum in there at all (which I find dries my lips out). Instead, the main ingredient is glycerin which is SO moisturising. They smell great too and only £1! The Perfect Glow Primer intrigued me...I've used it once and so far, the jury's out. I need to test it more.
September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #PrimarkHaul
A Face Perfecting Stick was always going to make it into my basket. Again, I need to play with this a little more. The beauty sponge is part of my staple makeup tools - it's as good as Real Techniques but a fraction of the price! You can see my full review of it at Tori's World: Primark Beauty Sponge Review.

Primark Clothes

I went in for staples and managed to pick them up. Black jeans, black work trousers and a grey long-sleeved dress.

September Primark Haul #lbloggers #haul #PrimarkHaul

Primark Miscellaneous


These are my favourite tights and leggings so of course, I picked some up. I also couldn't resist this little candle holder! 

I also picked up some maroon leather gloves that you can use your smartphone with! I can't wait to wear them this Autumn/Winter!

What can you not resist in Primark? Let me know what I should be buying in the comments!

Tori xx

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