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A Smokey Eye Step by Step

I recently posted a cool toned makeup look using a Revolution palette and many of the comments were people saying that they couldn't do a smokey eye look. It sparked a little idea inside me which appealed to the teacher side and this post was born...! I'm going to explain what I do to achieve a smokey eye, with pictures, products used and explanations.

How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers

Smokey Eye Step by Step Tutorial

First things first, you will need: 

  1. Eyeshadow primer (I used Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot in Painterly*)
  2. An eyeshadow palette (or single eyeshadows) that contain a skin colour to set your primer; at least three crease colours in increasing darkness (I chose a warm brown) and 2 dark outer V colours (I chose dark brown and black).
    I used Makeup Revolution Flawless 2* which I blogged about in my top 5 eyeshadow palettes post
  3. A range of fluffy brushes decreasing in size - I used a mixture of brushes from the Real Techniques Eye Set* and the Real Techniques Bold Metal collection*.
This picture shows which shadows I used from the palette, in the order I used them:
How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers

How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers
Steps 1 - 3
Step 1: I had a bare, clean lid to begin with.
Step 2: I used the Mac Paintpot all over my lid from lash line to eyebrow. You can see this took away some of the pigmentation and oiliness from my lids.
Step 3: I then set this with eyeshadow 1 using a large, fluffy eye brush so that the following eyeshadows had something to blend into without skipping. 

How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers
Steps 4-6
Step 4: Using a large fluffy brush (The Real Techniques Oval Shadow Brush*) I blended my first soft brown shade (shadow 2) into my crease, going back and forth until I had the depth of shadow I wanted. I went BACK in with the brush I used for my base colour around the edges to blend them. I repeated this step with shadow 3.
Step 5: I chose my next darkest shades and used a slightly smaller fluffy brush and repeated the previous step. Using shadows 4, I ran it back and forth along my crease before going back in with both of the previous brushes along the edges to blend them.
Step 6: The bottom picture is the after picture from all that blending - you can see how the harsh lines have gone and the colours are slightly diffused.
How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers
Steps 7-9
Step 7: This is the trick to my smokey eye. I have a brush that is SO old, which is a pencil brush on one end and a fluffy brush on the other. I dipped the pencil brush into shadows 5 and put a spot on the outer V. It doesn't matter where at this point.
Step 8: Using the fluffy end, I blended it through, concentrating on the outer V but going slightly into the crease as well. Then I used all of the other brushes in reverse order to blend the edges.
Step 9: I repeat this dot and blend step until I am happy with the depth of colour in the outer V.
How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers
Steps 10-12
Step 10: I use a makeup wipe to clean away any messy eyeshadow, starting at the outer corner of my eye and sweeping upwards towards my eyebrow. Outer corner to the end of your brow is the perfect angle for winged liner and shadow.
Step 11: I assess the blend of the shadows. I don't want to see any lines of colour so I blend blend blend using my previous brushes if I need to. Sometimes, I add a warm brown into the crease at this point, if it's been lost in the steps.
Step 12: I apply my lid colours. I prefer a nude shimmer on my lid to keep the eye open. I used shadows 6 on a flat brush (The Urban Decay Pro Flat Eyeshadow Brush*) before using one of my other fluffy brushes to blend the edges together.
How to do a smokey eye step by step #bbloggers
Steps 13-15
Step 13: I applied a winged eyeliner. I have no tips for this as I literally wing it while holding my breath and saying a prayer, haha! This job is made INDESCRIBABLY easier by using the DHC Liquid Eyeliner* which is smooth, precise and VERY pigmented. I reviewed it in my lowdown on DHC products and it's quickly become my favourite eyeliner. 
Step 14: This is the extra step that I think really finishes the eye off. Using a very small precision brush, such as the Precision Smudge Brush in this set from Real Techniques*, I take a matte black eyeshadow (shadow 6 from my palette), load the brush up and smudge the top edge of my winged liner. This makes the liner and the eyeshadow blend into one as well as disguising any wobbly hand mistakes. I learned this tip from Rachel Leary who is one of my favourite YouTubers. I also apply mascara (and false eyelashes if I'm using them at this point)
Step 15: Taking my precision smudge brush, I apply the smallest amount of black shadow to my lower outer corner before blending it out with either my pencil brush or a small fluffy brush. This gives me the perfect undereye smoke. 

And that's it! Phew! My smokey eye! It took me a lot longer to write it up than it does to apply it. It's basically apply shadow, blend, apply shadow, blend...

Have you tried a smokey eye? What tips would you give to those who feel they can't?

You can see all the products I used below:

Tori xx
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