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How to tame frizzy hair

Far from being smooth and sleek, frizzy hair is something that can be a bit of a pain. With increased heat, rain and other conditions beyond our control, the frizziness can really take hold. But fear not! There is plenty that you can do to manage the frizz and get your hair back to its silky best. Let’s check out eight top tips.

How to tame frizzy hair

Brush your hair regularly. 

And not just to keep it under control! Regular brushing will also help distribute the natural oils from root to tip, which in turn helps to block humidity and keep your locks moist. Don’t do it whilst the hair is bone dry though, that’s only going to add to the frizz.

Let your hair air-dry. 

One thing that’s definitely going to increase frizz rather than lessen it is exposing it to intense heat. Instead of going straight for the dryer let your locks dry 90% naturally and finish the last 10% off with the dryer.

Weekly hydrating. 

The use of a hydrating mask on a weekly basis is going to help your hair stay moisturised. By doing this you’re going to be protecting it against damage from styling, and if you use a castor or coconut-based oil you’ll get a great shine too.

How to tame frizzy hair

Choose a de-frizzing hairstyle. 

If you want a beautiful, huge and texturized style by all means go for the backcombing, but if you really want to keep things under control consider a bun or Dutch braid. And if you do go for a Dutch braid, just apply a little anti-frizz serum to keep the braids in place. Sound good? Find out how to Dutch braid here.

 Opt for a glycerine-rich shampoo. 

Shampoos that are packed with glycerine are great for frizzy hair, as they moisten from the inside out. They also create a protective coating over the hair so that the moisture won’t leave as easily.

Don’t shampoo every time. 

Shampoo can have a tendency to dry hair out, so be careful how often you use it. Counter to that, conditioner does the opposite, so always use it when you wash your hair. Sometimes (twice a week is enough) just use conditioner.  

How to tame frizzy hair

Go easy with the styling products. 

You want to avoid stressing out your frizzy hair at all costs, so the less you use styling products the better. As a general rule of thumb it’s better to use natural products as some of the ingredients in non-natural sprays, gels and mousses can damage strands.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

The thing with hair is that it’s entirely individual. What works for your friend might not work for you and vice versa. Having said that, don’t be afraid to ask around to find out what your friends have used or tried and then give it a go yourself. A little trial and error, combined with patience, is going to get you results, and when you find something that works stick with it… until it doesn’t, that is!

Now that you’ve learned a number of ways to control the frizz, you can give them a go and find out what works best for your precious locks. Good luck and good hair days!

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