Friday, 25 August 2017

Garlic Mushrooms on Toast with Philadelphia

Possibly one of the simplest dishes I'll ever post - but a favourite breakfast for me when cereal just isn't going to cut it.
Garlic Mushrooms on Toast with Philadelphia. A Slimming World friendly breakfast recipe.

It's so simple AND Slimming World friendly. I used the Kingsmill thins as a Healthy Extra B choice and then cheese for my Healthy Extra A choice (Philadelphia and parmesan)

I simply cooked off the mushrooms with some garlic in Frylight. Once they were cooked, added a mini pop of Garlic and Herb Philadelphia. Once that was melted, I shoved it all on top of the toasted bread, grated a little Parmesan on top and melted that cheese under the grill. Easy!

I was doing a Slimming World SP day the day I made this so added a little side salad to get that half plate of speed food.

Easy, delicious and healthy. My perfect breakfast!

What's your favourite breakfast recipe? Leave me some links below!

Tori xx

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