Friday, 28 July 2017

Updated Skin Care Routine - Balance Active Formula

I've been meddling with my skincare routine to attempt to keep up to date with my changing skin as I enter my mid 30s. I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone and dehydrated cheeks.

When Brodie and Stone contacted me about their Balance Active Formula range, I was very interested! I'd already used the Hyaluronic Serum and loved it so was curious to try more of the range.

Balance Active Formula Skincare review #bbloggers #budgetskincare

I've been trialling the range for a month now and I am loving it. I've had zero spots and no dryness since starting to use the range!

Balance Active Formula Vitamin C Power Serum

Balance Active Formula Skincare review #bbloggers #budgetskincare

This serum promises a brighter complexion, decreased age spots and smoother, firmer skin. I'm definitely seeing the benefits. I haven't got age spots anyway, but my skin appears brighter and smoother since using this product.

It's really lightweight and refreshing. I feel like it penetrates my skin easily and doesn't sit on top of it. It does leave a slightly tacky feeling and so has got to be used in conjunction with moisturiser to get rid of the tackiness but I always follow serum with moisturiser anyway so this didn't worry me. 

I also love the pipette for applying the product - it gives fantastic control over the amount of product that gets dispensed. One pipette full is enough for your whole face and neck. I use this in the morning to wake up my skin and refresh my complexion ready for the morning! 

Balance Active Hyaluronic Moisturiser

Balance Active Formula Skincare review #bbloggers #budgetskincare

This moisturiser has a gel-like consistency and contains a form of hyaluronic acid called Hylasome EG10. 

This is another easily absorbed moisturiser that feels cool and refreshing. I can find some moisturisers too rich for my skin and they break me out but this one has suited me perfectly. It absorbs really quickly. I typically apply the serum and moisturiser, brush my hair and then begin applying my makeup. It's absorbed that quickly! My skin drinks this up and is plumper and ready for makeup application! 

Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum

This is the serum I had already tried and enjoyed. I use this serum at night for an extra boost of moisture - hyaluronic acid can hold up to 5x its own weight in moisture and is perfect on my dehydrated cheeks! 

Balance Active Formula Skincare review #bbloggers #budgetskincare

I feel that using this at night means that overnight, my skin can restore itself and I wake up with fresh looking skin. Again, the pipette allows precise application and the serum itself is light weight so easily absorbed. This doesn't have any of the tacky residue that the Vitamin C serum has either. 

Adding these products to my skincare regime has resulted in clear, breakout free skin that is perfectly hydrated during the summer months. 

And the best part...? This is a budget skincare range available from discount shops such as Savers and B&M Bargains as well as on Fragrance Direct where everything is below £3! They're long lasting too...I've been using all products for a month and haven't even used half yet. What are you waiting for?

Tori xx

Balance Active Formulas sent me these products to test. All opinions and clear hydrated skin is my own! 
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