Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Holiday Essentials

I've been a little AWOL for a while on my blog - time, emotions and a general lack of motivation have all contributed to a lack of presence on my blog and social media.

I think that perhaps I want to take the blog in a more lifestyle direction - I feel bad for writing holiday posts, fashion posts, days out posts when I've always set myself out as a beauty blog. Perhaps I should worry less about sticking to a niche and just write what I want - the blogs been heading down a lifestyle route organically anyway!

Anyway, enough of the blurb...onto this post - my holiday essentials!

I've recently returned from a week away in Tenerife and while I was there realised that I always take the same kinds of things on holiday. Things I don't necessarily use when I'm at home.

I don't know about you, but I always find my nail varnish melts when I'm in a hot climate! I have gel polish on acrylic nails on my hands, but my poor toes suffer! So I always take nail polish remover pads and the colour I'm wearing. For my holidays, I love a coral polish so chose this Rimmel Lycra Pro in Coral Romance as the perfect sunny nail! It's probably a couple of years old now but Rimmel nail polishes in general are always winners!

I also took Garnier Body Ultimate Regenerating Oil* with me. Firstly, I love the scent and secondly it's super nourishing, especially after a long day sunbathing when your skin is parched. It doesn't feel greasy once it's soaked in and comes in a really handy spray bottle to get the perfect coverage. It promises to firm, nourish and revive and I can vouch for the nourishing and reviving! It made my sun-parched skin glow.

I always buy a new pair of cheap sunglasses to wear in the pool and so I bought these New Look Mirrored Aviators in Rose Gold.* These were a nightmare to keep clean but perfect for wearing in the actual pool! And in a bonus, they created a fab Instagram post with palm trees reflected in their lenses!

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I always take an elastic headband to keep my hair back, provide some scalp protection and to use when I'm applying makeup etc!

I use the Schwarzkpf got2be Oil-Licious Styling Oil* while I'm away to nourish my hair which has the tendency to frizz up and become very dry. A bit of this slicked through damp hair or through the ends of dry hair helps to protect and nourish it smells gorgeous!!

To fix my makeup, I've been loving the Rimmel Insta Fix and Go* - my makeup looked as perfect at the end of a night as it did walking out of the hotel room door - and I was HOT and sweaty!

I always carry antibacterial gel with me to clean my hands on holiday - you can't always easily get to a sink or a clean one anyway, so this was perfect.

My other holiday must have is Calypso Dry Oil sunscreen. I'm a massive fan of this spray and long have been so I was pleased when it came out as the top budget sunscreen in terms of effectiveness in a Which survey! I used Factor 15 while I was away having light olive skin that almost never burns. I love these dry oils as I find creams give me prickly heat around my ankles whereas these lighter spray oils never bother me. Mr T also used it on his scalp as this is one of his burning danger spots and it worked a treat!

Those are my holiday essentials that I almost never use at home...but would never travel without!

What are your holiday must-haves?

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