Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tori's Top Tips - Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I know, I know. Brush cleaning. A makeup lover's worst chore. Yet there's nothing better than a perfectly cleaned brush is there!

So I'm here to share with you a top tip that I've learned over the MANY years of cleaning brushes...

Brushes that I use for powder are easy to clean. I simply use a little hand soap or baby shampoo and a brush egg. I dampen the brush, dip it into the soap and swirl it around on the egg, repeating as necessary to remove the powder product. This works a treat and my brushes look as good as new. I'm hoping to upgrade to a cleaning mat soon to stop my hands getting wrinkly in the water but for now, this system is brilliant. I'm also really interested in the solid brush cleanser from Makeup Revolution...has anyone tried it?? I used to swirl my brushes on a bar of soap and I'm imagining that this is the same.

Brush cleansers

But those stubborn cream and liquid products...they will NOT shift from brushes! I've tried breaking the product down by massaging the brush with oil first, which had some limited success. However, I saw Mr T washing his oily hands one day with a product I remember my dad using back in the day. A product that they say will remove anything from hands. And if it removes anything for about brushes?

Miracle brush cleaning!

My dad was always using this stuff to remove stubborn greasy and oil stains from his hands...and he never had that problem of engrained dirt in his hands. So when I saw Mr T had a tub, I decided to try it on my brushes. I experimented on a cheap brush first and, aside from a very masculine smell, nothing bad happened to my brushes. I massaged a little gel into the brush, which broke down the cream products brilliantly. I repeated as necessary, trying to get right into the brushes but without getting the base of the brush wet...this is what causes loose and shedding hairs!

Because of the smell, I followed it with my favourite liquid hand soap - bubblegum scent by Carex! And my foundation brushes and beauty blenders were almost as clean as new...certainly cleaner than they've been in a long time.

You can buy Swarfega in the car care sections of Wilkos, Tescos, Halfords... and a little goes a long way!

What brush cleaning tips do you have?

Tori xx

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