Thursday, 2 February 2017

Top 5 drugstore glitter nail polish

If you're anything like me, anything sparkly is an instant winner. I'm such a sucker for glitter! I especially love glitter nail polish, especially now I have nailed (haha) the application of them! (See Tori's Top Tip for applying glitter nail polish). Therefore, it seemed only right that I introduce you to my top 5 drugstore nail polishes.

Glitter nail polishes from the drugstore can be seriously good - giving fantastic coverage with 1 or 2 coats. For those that have a more sporadic spread of glitter, the cosmetic sponge application method works wonders to build them up. In short, I've been able to indulge my glitter obsession with abandon using brands such as Barry M, W7, Models Own and Rimmel.

W7 Glitter Nail Polish in Pink Dazzle

W7 produce some seriously good nail polishes and their glitter varnishes are among the best in my opinion. I don't often see the brand as a whole being written about a lot but it is a brand that I really rate. You can pick up their nail polishes for £4.95 on the website and they're often in discount cosmetic shops even cheaper!

This glitter is packed. It's got great coverage with 1 coat and is really bright as well. I love it! I own a few W7 glitter polishes and am trying to get my hands on their pure silver glitter as we speak.

Models Own Nail Polish in Pink Fizz

I love this polish so much - it seems to be getting harder to get hold of though - I'm not sure if it's been renamed? It's a really high coverage, pastel pink glitter. Perfect to match with nude nail polishes to add a bit of glimmer and twinkle! 

Barry M Nail Polish in Ruby Slippers*

This was one of the first glitter nail polishes I bought and it was imaginatively labelled as NP 150. I said it would make my nails look like Dorothy's shoes from Wizard of Oz so I think its name is SUCH a good match!

This is another polish that gives really opaque coverage quickly. 

Barry M Nail Polish in Diamond*

This is my latest glitter polish purchase, bought over the festive season to create a monochrome and glitter nail look. The nail look didn't come off well but this glitter polish is beautiful! It's a mixture of sizes with some fine silver glitter and some chunkier holographic flakes. 

It's not as opaque as the previous three, but when applied over a silver polish and with a cosmetic sponge, the coverage can be made opaque. 

Rimmel Bling on the Glitter*

I can't actually find this one online anywhere....but Rimmel's Disco Diva looks identical to me! It's also very very similar to the Next Rose Gold glitter polish that I blogged about in September and honestly, that would have been here instead BUT I'VE LOST IT. 😢 I'm gutted - I've still got the foil effect one but I can't find the glitter top coat anywhere. And I loved it. 

This polish IS a good one and a lovely rose gold colour. It's difficult to get an opaque coverage with it but layered over a rose gold polish, it looks lovely! 

l-r W7 Pink Dazzle, Models Own Pink Fizz, Barry M Ruby Slippers, Barry M Diamond and Rimmel Bling on the Glitter
Are there any glitter polishes you know I MUST try? Let me know below! 

Tori xx 

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