Sunday, 5 February 2017

My February Wishlist

I'm currently doing whatever the online version of window shopping is after putting myself on a spending ban...
These products have made it onto my virtual wishlist...I find myself drooling over them, haha!

My last wishlist post was a birthday wishlist in September and I was lucky enough to receive lots of the items on that list for my birthday or for Christmas. I used the Wishlistr website to create it and sent the link to Mr T and both families. They LOVED using the list to get an idea of what I wanted and also, generally, of the kind of things that I saw as gifts. I think sometimes my mum didn't always buy me a gift such as sticky notes because she didn't think of them as a gift...but I'm a stationery addict and so gifts like that are much loved!

My latest wishlist is a more personal one, the things that I want to buy for myself so I haven't used Wishlistr for it. This collage has been created on Polyvore and you can follow me there - Tori's World on Polyvore.

February Wishlist

What's on your current wishlist?

Tori xx
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