Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My favourite Etsy stores

I LOVE Etsy. I could lose hours browsing through different stores and there's a few that I always go back to, knowing that I'm going to love whatever is there.

Items from these Etsy stores often find their way onto my birthday and Christmas lists and I'm determined that this year, I'm going to be more organised with birthdays so that I can get products from Etsy for other people.

Sweet Allure

Tarnya creates stunning watercolour Disney and Harry Potter themed artwork that you can buy prints of. When I saw her work, I had to buy some! I got The Little Mermaid print for my sister and it was so beautiful, I couldn't wait for her birthday to give it to her! I've also recommended Tarnya to a friend who's little boy is OBSESSED with Harry Potter.

My Unicorn Planner

This shop has the cutest handmade paper clips and other planner accessories. I really want to get into bullet journalling and I know I'm going to need some of these to organise myself!

Which leads me to the next shop...


Jemma of Dorkface is an all round good egg in the Blogosphere and her shop is full of gorgeous stationery and artwork. I really love her bullet journal accessories and have got my eye on her notebooks as well! 

Gwennen Rees Illustration

Gwennan's shop is full of witty, illustrated cards, stationery and prints. As a not very big fan of Valentine's Day, I was delighted to find a Valentine's card for Mr T in her shop which arrived quickly and was excellent quality! I can't wait to give it to him. 

I also really like her blogger themed gifts...blogging essentials giftboxes, mugs, name it, there's a gift for the blogger in your life! 

Tilly and Sage

I can't get enough of the gorgeous homeware bits in this Etsy shop. Think pastel colours, rose gold and marble. I literally want everything!! 

I am regularly trawling Etsy and adding items to my favourites to go back to and get gifts (for myself as well as others!) This link is to my Etsy favourite items.

Are there any other Etsy shops you think I should be checking out??

Tori xx

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