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How I save time when blogging

I see time and time again on Twitter bloggers saying that they're trying to balance work, play and blog and they feel like they're drowning. I'm not saying that I have the perfect balance...but I do have a few tricks that I use to claw back time when blogging. I view any time saved, even just minutes, as worthwhile as it all adds up!

These tips might not work for everyone...but they DO work for me.

Saving time blogging tips

Bulk Photography

I take my photographs in bulk. I choose a background, pick some props and then photograph whatever I need to. It keeps my Instagram not exactly themed but definitely with a common element as well as saving time trying to set up and photograph each post individually. Also, in the winter months especially, I need to use any daylight time I can grab to take photos - artificial light ruins my pictures.

My current favourite set up is a roll of wallpaper (I'm loving a brick background or a rose gold glitter at the moment), a carefully draped Primark marble print scarf and then the products I'm photographing with a couple of props (artificial flowers, glitter nail file, earrings...anything can be a prop really!)

These were all photographed on the same day which leads me to my next point...


I normally have some idea about what posts I want to write so that I know which photographs to take. I note it all down in a blog journal that I'm keeping in a pretty notebook. It's a very basic journal at the moment but it has a list of ideas and a calendar that I can slot them all into. I look at my list, take the photographs and then...


drafting blog posts
The Blogger app, in all honesty, isn't that great. You can't do a lot with it. There are 3rd party apps out there too but I've lost too many posts to really trust them. So for now, this is what I do. 

Whenever I find myself with spare (but useless) time e.g. when I'm cooking tea and waiting for something to finish or when I'm waiting for Mr T to get ready to leave the house, I make notes in my Blogger app on my phone about the posts I have previously planned. That way, when I get to my computer, the structure and notes on the post, with a title and often the labels are already there. Then, I just have to pad it all out and add the photos.

I find it just as quick as making notes using the Notes app on my phone...but with the added bonus that it's then all in Blogger, in a post ready for me. All I have to do is pad it out, structure it and add photos...which takes enough time before moving to the next step...


scheduling tweets and posts
I don't know where I'd be without scheduling. As a teacher, I have great holidays and can easily afford to set aside days purely for blogging. Which I regularly do. I write and write and write...and I schedule those posts for the weeks of term that I know I'm going to be really busy. That way, I can relax a little bit, knowing that I have some posts in the bank.

After I've written a post, I head over to Tweetdeck and schedule some tweets promoting my post. I use a 3, 2, 1 system - three tweets on the day I publish, two the next and one the day after that. I also often write a tweet and schedule in on Buffer.

Why use both? Tweetdeck is fantastic for scheduling multiple tweets about the same post...but Buffer allows you to re-post Tweets already written. I also only have the free version of Buffer so can only have ten tweets scheduled at a time. In the evening, I spend 5 minutes reposting Tweets (changing hashtags or RT accounts on them) ready for the next day. 

And that's it really, that's the story of a post from beginning to end with my time-saving techniques in it. 

What time saving tricks do you have?

Share them with me below!

Tori xx

(The last two pictures are from Pixabay - another great time saving resource for posts where photographs would be very tricky to think up...!)

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