Sunday, 26 February 2017

Daytime and Evening Look from the Morphe 35O palette

You may have seen that I recently ordered and received the Morphe 35O palette. It was a time of great excitement! I've had chance now to have a play with the palette and I've created two looks, one suitable for daytime, one for evening using the palette.

Before I get into the looks, lets take a look at the palette...what a thing of beauty...

Thirty five warm and neutral shades with incredible pigmentation, texture and affordability.

Daytime look using Morphe 35O

Please excuse the changing colour in these photos - I took them at the same time...just not sure what happened! 

I realise that this is probably more makeup than some people would wear for a daytime look, however, this is what I like to wear. 

I used shadow 1 over my entire lid to give myself a base for blending into. 

Then I blended shadows 2 and 3 into my crease. I used a large fluffy brush from an eBay kabuki brush set to blend in shadow 2, then a slightly smaller brush to add shadow 3. I go back to previous brushes to help blend out all the shadows.

Then I used a flat but soft brush to add a touch of shade 4 and 5 into the outer V, making sure I blended these thoroughly! 

Finally, I added the shimmer shade 6 to the lid. 

I smudged in a little black eyeliner (the Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in M10*) and lined my tight line and water line. 

I finished off with L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture* which I'm loving at the moment! 

Evening Look

I decided I wanted to create a copper, smokey look using the palette. 

Now, I started with the daytime eye look on so had a soft brown crease to blend into. 

I added this medium brown shadow (Shade 1) all over the lid and up to the crease before blending shadows 2 and 3 all over the lid but not blending as far up. To do this I used a pencil brush. 

On a flat, stiff brush I used shade 4 over the inner half of my eye before using shadow 5 over the centre and blending into the outer corners. 

I added an enormous liner flick to the look using L'Oreal Superliner So Couture* which is so easy to use to create big flicks and thin lines too!

I added false eyelashes (Amazing Shine Lashes in 15) and used the Sleek Solstice palette* to highlight my inner corner. 

To finish off, I ran the pencil brush with the left over shadow along my lower lash line before adding some of the copper shade to the inner corner. 

It's a different kind of look for me, I don't normally have dark colour all over my lids, but I'm loving it!

What looks have you created with the Morphe 35O? 

Tori xx

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