Monday, 30 January 2017

Tori's Top Tips - Applying glitter nail polish

Picture the scene. You're in Boots, browsing the aisles when out of the corner of your eye, a twinkle sparkles from the shelves. It's a glitter nail polish...and you NEED it.

You get it home, open it up and paint a coat to realise that you've been fooled again. One coat of this polish leaves you three specks of glitter and a whole load of gloop. It's resigned to the back of the makeup drawer where dodgy products go to die.

Until now. Get out that glitter polish! I can teach you how to apply it so it sparkles like the goddess that you are!

You will need:

A cosmetic sponge - go cheap here, the wedge shaped sponges you can get in big packs 
Base coat and top coat
A base colour that co-ordinates (optional)
Glitter nail polish


1. Apply your base coat and base colour (if using) and allow them to dry (10-15 minutes)
2. Paint thick layers of glitter nail polish on your sponge and dab it onto your nail. 

3. Repeat to build up the depth of glitter you want.
4. You can add liquid latex around the outside of your nail (before dabbing glitter on) to make clean up even easier if you want.
5. Allow the glitter to dry - it takes longer than normal nail polish - before sealing it all off with top coat.

That's it! It's as simple as that to apply glitter to your nails. 

Those cosmetic sponges are really useful to have for nail art - I used one to create the ombre effect in my "Pink and Gold ombre nail" blog post.

What are your favourite glitter polishes? I've got a blog post on mine coming soon! 

Tori xx

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