Monday, 26 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

I LOVE reading these posts on blogs and wrote one last year *What I Got For Christmas 2015* so thought I'd also do one this year.

I've had an amazing Christmas, spent so much time with my family and Mr T's and thoroughly enjoyed all the festive films, food and fun!

As usual...I'm really not showing off about what I got, I have been spoiled ROTTEN this year and I am a very lucky girl. I appreciate it all so much.

The above picture shows one of the gifts I received - along with half of Instagram it felt like on Christmas day! My sister in law bought it for me and I was DELIGHTED! I've wanted one for such a long time and absolutely love it. The above light box is A5 sized and is from GingerSnap. I am definitely going to be buying some of the colourful letters as well. 

My mum always keeps her eye out for the Soap and Glory gift case to go half price and tries to snap one up. Most years she is successful and this year was no exception. She carried three of these around our local Boots store apparently...bless her heart! 

Inside is enough Soap and Glory to last ALL year. My beloved Righteous Butter is there...thankfully as I'm on the last dregs of mine, as well as Hand Food which I also adore. I love The Scrub of Your Life too as well as the Sugar Crush shower gel. I just love ALL of it to be honest, haha! I'm excited to try the moisturiser and I've never tried any Soap and Glory face products apart from the Peaches and Cream wash off cleanser. 

The containers these come in are so handy too, I already use one to store blog photo props and will probably use this metal trunk for the same reason. 

As mentioned, I received the light box from GingerSnap from my sister in law. She got me a bottle of Chambord liqueur too to mix with prosecco and this gorgeous wallet which contains a portable phone charger. How cute is that!! I absolutely adore it. I have NO idea where this is from however.

I first laid eyes on this cape in September when I was shopping at Cheshire Oaks and fell in love with a Cadbury's purple version. At the time, it was my dad's birthday and I was SKINT so didn't buy it. My mum offered to get it for my birthday but I needed a new laptop so asked for that instead. Anyway, she's been watching it carefully for a few months and then, on Black Friday, noticed that it was in the Ted Baker sale. She snapped it up for me and I was so surprised on Christmas Day that I actually cried. It is the most beautiful item of outerwear I have ever seen. I just love it so much and can't wait to style it up. You can see the cape on the Ted Baker website.

The final things I'm sharing is the plethora of pastel pink and rose gold I was given! I definitely sensed a theme this year, haha! I was given more Ted Baker goodies in the form of a notebook and pocket mirror, another pocket mirror with a perfect saying for me "Glamour never takes a day off" and a candle with a rose gold saying on as well. 

Mr T also bought me FlowerBomb by Viktor and Rolf which is one of my all time favourite perfumes! 

Other that these gifts, I was thoroughly spoiled by my beautiful besties as well. I was given a Vanilla Lime candle by Yankee (my favourite Yankee scent!) and a beautiful hanging decoration. Also, clothes, makeup and jewellery. Way too much to list here but all gratefully received 😍

Most of all, I got to see my gorgeous god daughter and lots of special family which is the most important thing of all! 

Have you written a post about what you got? Link it below for me to read! 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx


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