Friday, 23 December 2016

The Bath and Bodyworks candle dupes from B&M Bargains

I've been seeing these candles all over social media recently but they first came to my attention in Autumn with the Radiant Fireside candle which I picked up on a whim. It's been in my bedroom ever since, scenting the air even without being lit. I was really impressed by its quality so when I started seeing them all over blogosphere, I wasn't surprised. I know I HAD to pick up some of their Winter collection!

Now that bloggers the land over have discovered these candles, they are, of course, becoming more and more difficult to get hold of! However, I'm lucky enough to live a 5 minute walk from a huge B&M store so have been able to pop in regularly and see if there are any in stock. In mid-December, I stuck gold! Or wax...

I picked up three scents - the blue ones. There is a red one (I think a cranberry scent..) which I left behind.

The scents I got were Winter Mist, Iced Candy and Vanilla Snowflake. They are so wintry, gorgeour smelling and cheap too. Only £2.99 each for a large jar with a pretty lid promising 25 hours burning time. By the by, while I was in store, I also saw Essence candles that were very similar looking to Yankee potentially another dupe there...

Winter Mist

This is my favourite of the scents I bought. It's a fruity smell with a really subtle sweet scent behind the fruity scent. I almost expected all of these scents to be sickly sweet but they're not at all. 

Iced Candy 

This was a massive surprise. Out of all of the candles I picked up, I expected this one to have that super sweet "Lush" smell - I was expecting the same smell as the Magic Wand bubble bar from Lush.

However, this is super fresh! It smells almost cool and is reminiscent of men's a nice way. Iced is a great description of the scent of this candle when you think of cool ice...not cupcake icing!

Vanilla Snowflake

I'm a total sucker for a vanilla scent and this did not disappoint. Plus, it avoided being cloying sickly sweet like so many candles seem to do. It is the sweetest fragrance of all the candles that I bought. It manages to stay fresh smelling but sweet.

All in all, for £2.99, these are a massive bargain, well worth hunting them out! I can't wait to see the scents they do in the future.

What are your favourite winter candles?

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

P.S. One of these candles has gone into my giveaway box...stay tuned for details soon...

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