Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

You know what it's like...the season gets so busy and all of a sudden, there's less than a week to go and a few presents still to buy. It happens to me most years and so I thought I'm compile a list of last minute gift ideas that wouldn't require any waiting for a parcel to arrive...or too much time queuing in in the shopping centre. All of these gifts are instant downloads or you can get them ALL in a supermarket.

Experience Day

This is a gift that requires almost no time at all. You can easily order a gift experience with a downloadable certificate that you can pop into a card. 

Experience days I've bought in the past include ice climbing in the centre of Manchester; a brewery tour and afternoon teas. 

Homemade Hamper

For a quick trip to the supermarket, you can make a lovely hamper up that doesn't take too much time. 

Last year, I made hampers for my friends that included:

Homemade fudge - Tori's Festive Fudge Recipe - try this recipe with white chocolate, it's immense!
A custom hot chocolate blend - Tori's Ultimate Hot Chocolate
Candy Cane Vodka - Tori's Candy Cane Vodka

You could also include other food items such as Christmas biscuits, big sharing bag of festive flavoured popcorn/crisps, a mini bottle of prosecco... There's loads of Christmas themed food out in December!

Pamper Night Package

In the supermarket, grab a box from behind the till and wrap it in festive wrapping paper. Inside it, pop a bottle of wine/fizz/other suitable drink; a DVD or good book; bubble bath; box of chocolates; a pair of pyjamas; a face mask and a candle. A pamper night in a package all from one trip to the supermarket. 


Buy a subscription to a magazine about that person's particular interest or hobby. One of the best presents I ever bought The Boy was a subscription to League Weekly...every Tuesday, he gets a new edition and he reads it cover to cover!

Other subscriptions you could give are The Bubble Box from Bubble Club for champagne lovers or a beauty box subscription such as those from Look Fantastic*.

Not on the High Street has a great Monthly Gifts section that include subscriptions to all you can imagine: coffee; curry; socks; stationery; beer; tea; cake; cocktails and so many more! You're BOUND to find a gift for someone on there! 


Let's take inspiration from Sainsbury's Christmas advert this year and give the gift of time.

Write an IOU for a day out of their choosing e.g. a day out shopping or on the golf course... whatever they enjoy doing. Then on that day, you can treat them to coffee/dinner/a new piece of equipment... This buys you a bit of extra time too so you can beat the crowds! 

I hope you've enjoyed your Christmas shopping this year.

What are your last minute ideas?

Tori xx

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