Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and DIY Bloggers

Last year I completed Blogmas (you can find my Blogmas posts here) and I remember half way through, hitting a dry patch of blog post ideas. While I'm not doing Blogmas this year due to being busy at work, I do have a whole host of ideas for Christmas themed posts so am sharing them in the hopes that it helps you.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Festive FOTD - what makeup will you be wearing for Christmas?
  2. Drugstore and High end beauty gift guides
  3. Drugstore dupes for the latest highend Christmas must haves
  4. Breaking beauty rules at Christmas
  5. Festive skincare regime
  6. Beauty Advent Calendar unboxing
  7. Beauty DIY such as my Candy Cane Body Scrub 
  8.  Beauty stocking fillers 
  9.  Christmas party GRWM
  10. Fun festive beauty trends e.g. glitter lips

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. Christmas Day OOTD planning
  2. Christmas jumper lookbook
  3. How to stay warm and stylish
  4. Christmas party outfit ideas
  5. Fashion Gift Guide
  6. Winter accessories haul
  7. What's in my Christmas bag?
  8. Outfit ideas from your favourite Christmas movie 
  9.  What you're planning to buy in the sales
  10. Customisation tips for the January overdraft days

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Your family Christmas traditions
  2. Visiting the Christmas Markets
  3. How to decorate your tree - I shared my tree last year
  4. Your favourite Christmas memory
  5. Must see Christmas movies
  6. Best Christmas quotes
  7. Share your Spotify Christmas playlist
  8. How is your town celebrating Christmas
  9. Share your favourite gift ideas from a local business
  10. Your favourite Blogmas posts from other bloggers

Crafts and Food Blog Post Ideas

  1. Ways to make sprouts more palatable - see my brussels sprouts recipes here
  2. Make your own wrapping paper - see my festive trees wrapping paper from last year
  3. The best hot chocolate recipes - my ultimate hot chocolate recipe is here 
  4. Handmade gift ideas
  5. Make your own Christmas cards
  6. Share your Christmas family recipes
  7. Post about your handmade decorations 
  8. A festive cocktail recipe always goes down well (no pun intended...haha!)
  9. Favourite Christmas Crafts on Pinterest
  10. A Slimming World Christmas 
I hope you've found this list useful and if you write any of these posts, let me know so I can come and read them! 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx


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