Thursday, 15 December 2016

Battle of the Red Lipsticks

Every so often, I feel an urge. An urge to adorn my lips in the brightest reds I can find. I'm drawn to red lipsticks and, as such, have gathered a collection together. So which is the best? Read on to find out...

Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Mat in M401 - Red Hot

This is the most expensive lipstick in the bunch, retailing at £17 for a full size lipstick from Debenhams. This particular shade is so worth getting your hands on if you can. 

It's a perfect matte red that doesn't dry onto your lips, leaving them flaky but sits on your lips like you'd expect any lipstick to. It lasts FOREVER and was so easy to apply. I'm a big fan of the formula and of the shade. As the day goes on, I do notice a bit of feathering IF I don't apply lip liner. Buy Makeup Forever lipstick here.

MUA Lipstick in Shade 01

This is my favourite red lipstick and retailing at only £1 - you better believe that this packs a punch! It's actually almost a dead on dupe for the Makeup Forever lipstick above but with a cream finish - my preference. 

It's not QUITE as easy to apply as Makeup Forever, with the creamy finish leading to a slippier lipstick. 

However, it lasts, it's pigmented and it's a beautiful red (with no bleeding!) I cannot believe that it's only £1! Buy MUA lipstick here

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Lips in Majestic

This is another product from MUA. I was initially attracted to the colour - a deep deep red that looked like it would be perfect for me. However, I find it hard to work with. It doesn't dry, it isn't sticky but I find that you need to layer it over lipliner or it tends to look patchy. To be fair to MUA, they don't sell this as a pigmented lipstick but say they offer a sheer wash of colour. It's more than a sheer wash...but it's not opaque either. I use it more as a top up product - it's easy to reapply over your already red lipstick that has started to wear off. It revitalises the colour beautifully. 

Having said that, I do love the colour of it. It's not as deep as it comes off in the packaging but instead is a more cherry red colour. It's easy to apply with a delicate doefoot applicator. You can buy MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet here - they retail at only £3.

PS Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Shade 13, Red

Now this product. Where do I start? I love the colour and I love the scent. It's fruity...almost citrust scented. 

However, it's thick and sticky. It leaves an extremely wet look finish, which if you're looking for that, brilliant! However, I have serious qualms about it's ability to stay on your lips...and not all over your face. 

It was also surprisingly difficult to apply with the brush applicator - I think due to the thickness of the product.

One thing that it can't be knocked for it's the pigmentation. For a budget beauty brand, retailing at £2, the pigmentation of this is INSANE.

Side by side comparison

Top to bottom: Makeup Forever M401; MUA Shade 01; MUA Whipped Velvet Majestic; PS Liquid Lipstick in Red
After I'd wiped the swatches off my arm, I snapped a quick picture too, to show the staying power. These swatches had been vigorously scrubbed with a makeup wipe and this is what was left...

Gives you a clue about their respective staying power! 

What are your favourite red lip products?

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx


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