Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The trouble with getting older... Starting a trial of Silidyn

I love this quote:

 It reminds me that age is just a number and there are more important things. However, I write this post from the perspective of a 35 year old. It's not old. I'm SO aware that I'm still young. My brain still feels 19...but it's forgetting to tell my body!

This year, more than ever, I've been conscious of my ageing body. I'm lucky in that I've looked pretty much the same since I was 20. I started greying early (father's genes!) but aside from that, I haven't really changed.

But now...the ageing process appears to have hit hard...and it's getting faster.

It all started with my hair. I've had a sprinkle of silver along my parting since my early twenties. I dye my hair and it's all fine. Except this year, the silver is spreading thick and fast - the hairdye can't keep up and I'm having to do root touch ups from two - three weeks in because of the silver parting and the speed at which my hair grows. Aside from that, my hair texture has changed - it's much much frizzier now and drier, as well as shedding LIKE CRAZY. Add into all of that mix the psoriasis I've been experiencing on my scalp (another hereditary condition...all my family develop psoriasis in their thirties!), my hair is no longer my crowning glory.

Then I started to notice my nails. I never really took much notice of my nails - I polished them and filed them and they grew. Now they're dry and brittle and need more or less constant maintenance to get them to grow beyond the end of my finger. They're prone to cracking really low down on my nail or just losing chunks out of the tip. You can see in the photo below that underneath this polish, my nail tip is irregular and the nail itself is dehydrated and flaky. The skin around the nail is dry as well.

My skin has always been combination but not extreme. Dryish cheeks and an oilyish nose. Now, the different areas have become more extreme with my dry cheeks feeling super dry and my t-zone, oiler AND spottier. I've never suffered with spots and don't know how to handle it!
The skin on my cheeks!!
Makeup free - look at the pores on my nose and cheeks and the fine lines around my eyes - you can see them because my makeup settles in them...even after I've done my best cleansing! 

And the aching. Oh my days the aching. I sometimes feel older than my years. Years of bad posture have left me with a weak back and it KILLS me in a morning. My joints also stiffen up and ache in a morning. I never sprang out of bed but these days, I barely roll out either. As osteoporosis also runs in my family, it's something that has always concerned me and that I've been aware of.

Anyway, when I saw Hayley of London Beauty Queen and We Are Thirty Plus offer a trial of a product which claimed to boost the health of hair, nails and joints, I was intrigued. When I read that low silicon levels are a contributing factor to developing osteoporosis and other bone conditions, I knew I had to try it and signed up!

I've received my bottle of Silidyn*, a liquid supplement containing silicon, a new technology allowing the silicon to be absorbed by the body. It's a nutrient that is found in foods...but we couldn't possibly eat enough food to get what we need (35 bananas contain our daily requirements of silicon for example...). It couldn't be easier, 10 drops in a hot or cold drink every day. I can't wait to see what effect it has on my hair, nails and general aches and pains. I'll keep you updated on my Silidyn journey - it's an 8 week course so by mid-January, I'm hoping to have seen some impressive results!

If you'd like to trial Silidyn with me, they're offering up to 5 sample bottles for my readers! Just let me know.

Has ageing affected you? What are your top tips for handling it?

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

*The bottle of Silidyn was sent to me free of charge in order to trial it. All opinions throughout the trial will remain my own.

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