Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Essentials

With the recent sunny weather we've been experiencing in the UK, I wondered whether there had every been a better time to blog about my summer essentials. 

Whether it be items I already own...or those I want to own, these are my summer essentials 2016!

Summer Essentials

For those that have read my blog for a while, you'll know I have SUPER thick hair. As in the kind of hair that means my surname on my colour card is mega thick. It's also extremely susceptible to humidity and goes so frizzy!! To combat that, I have developed a technique to tame my hair which I describe in How to make thick unruly hair sleek and manageable.

For the days when I just can't handle the heat of the hairdryer, spiral bobbles are a godsend. I can get my hair off my face and the spiral nature means they're less damaging to my hair.

Also on my essential list are sunnies and a hat. I'm so paranoid about getting wrinkles around my eyes so rarely squint...this means the sun can be dazzling. Sunnies and hats protect my eyes and face from those nasty UV rays. Which leads directly into suncream. I have an olive complexion and catch the sun really easily. However, I never wear lower than SPF 15 and always use Soltan. I find it doesn't irritate my skin at all and the insect repellent version works well.

Sandals are obviously another summer essential and I've got my eye on pairs similar to these Steve Madden ones.

I love love love wearing metallic tattoos in the summer. I was sent some tattoos from Starz Tattoos which I adore. They're long lasting but easy to remove with oil and the metallic colour is really rich and deep.

Makeup wise, I hate the feeling of heavy makeup on my skin in summer. It's when I get my MAC Face and Body out as I love the lightness of it. Plus it's hydrating, a low but buildable coverage and water resistant! Definitely needed in the heat! Waterproof mascara is a must as well and I can't wait to try out the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof as I love the original formula. The Bourjois Aqua Lacque in Rose on the Rocks is still my favourite lip product as described in my top 5 lip products post over a year ago!

To get that bronzed glow, I love St Tropez fake tan, finding it long lasting and easy to apply. I also want to get my hands on the Laura Geller Gilded Honey highlighter - doesn't it look dazzling!!

I also set all that off with Urban Decay fixing spray which ensures my makeup DOES NOT MOVE...all day. Seriously...check out my Does Setting Spray Really Work? post for the ultimate proof!

What summer essentials would you add to this list? Let me know below or on Twitter - @tori30plus

Have a beautiful day, inside and out!

Tori xx

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