Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sleek Contour Palette and Solstice Highlighter Palette Review

It's been a LONG time since I sat down and wrote a blog post. My last post was 2 months ago and that had been prewritten. I've had bloggers block. Mr T suggested I write a post about bloggers block but I couldn't even manage that!

Anyway, a combination of circumstances has finally inspired me to write. Firstly, a Sleek counter arrived in my local town! Yippeeee! The only things we need now in our Superdrug or Boots are NYX and Makeup Revolution. Then my life will be complete!

Secondly, we bought a new PC. My laptop was slowly dying...and it had lost its K key...which made writing about makeup very tricky.

So with those two things in my life...a blog post soon followed. And here it is! Drum roll please......

I've seen lots and lots of positive press/blogs etc about these two products and couldn't wait to get my hands on them once Sleek was more accessible. Better yet, I got them on a buy one, get one half price offer which made my bank account very happy.

Contour Palette

I decided to get the Medium Contour Kit after debating between this and the light. I think in an ideal world I want the medium contour creams but the light highlighting creams. However, I have plenty of light concealers so the medium won.

The palette comes with three highlighting creams and three contour creams as well as an instructional sheet on where to apply them. Very handy!

It explains where to put each cream really clearly and I got a gorgeous contoured look from following it.

The creams themselves are a lovely consistency. They don't feel too slippery and greasy but aren't heavy and tuggy (is that a word?!) either. They take some blending but it's so worth the finished effect when you do.

The colours themselves are slightly warmer in the medium palette than in the light palette. Now this might not appeal to some people, I know most prefer a cool contour but I find on me that they just look really dirty. I prefer a warmer colour on my contour and this definitely delivers!

Solstice Highlighter Palette

The first thing I really noticed about this is the gorgeous packaging. Although it's plastic, I do love the gold mirrored finish and it makes it really easy to spot in my drawer! I'd heard good things about this palette but I was still amazed when I eventually used it. The god, the glow!

Ecliptic is a cream highlighter that is perfect during the day for a "why yes, my skin ALWAYS looks this healthy and young" kinda glow. The other three shades are powders. I've been using Equinox the most as it's such a Tori shade that it's a must. Subsolar has hardly been touched but I think in my head, it's like my Nars Albatross (it probably isn't, but it's gold and that counts...!) and Hemisphere can be a little too cool for my skin by itself.

But seriously, JUST LOOK AT THE GLOW. I actually have to be lighthanded when applying these or I end up looking seriously disco ball. They are amazing. End of story!

Are there any other Sleek products I must try? I've fallen in love with the brand!

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

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