Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Spring Nail Art

With the new Spring season comes a new look for my nails. Gone are the much beloved berry colours I rocked all Autumn and in come the neutrals. I'm not a pastel lover for my nails (or clothes!) but give me a decent nude/neutral polish and I'm all into that! See my neutral ombre nail look as proof!

I decided to give some simple nail art a go to using tape to block off areas...sounded simple enough...! 

The tools

I used these two Barry M nail polishes: Pink Lemonade Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint and Gold Nail Paint to create my look as well as some normal tape and some striping tape I bought from eBay years ago!
Spring Nail Art
Flatlay rocks...


I painted my nails with the Pink Lemonade polish and left it to dry for 24 hours. This is SO important as the polish has got to be completely dry or the tape will pull the polish off. 

This is a gorgeous colour which is about as pastel as I go. It's completely opaque after two coats and lasts really well. 
Spring Nail Art

Once the polish was dry, I created this pattern using the tape - the Scotch tape was placed diagonally over the top half of my nail and two pieces of striping tape over the bottom half of my nail before I painted over the whole thing with gold polish. 

After that, you need to take the tape off while the polish is still wet. If it dries, when you pull the tape off, the lines won't be as crisp.

Spring Nail Art

Then leave the gold to dry for longer than you'd think - you can see I smudged mine a little when I applied top coat.

What are your go-to Spring nail looks? 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

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