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Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

One of my guilty pleasures is snooping around stately homes (which in itself is quite a 'normal' thing) and make myself up a story about living there...normally involving a Mr Darcy look-alike, some elaborate curly up-dos and a ballroom I alone in this? As a result, I'm a member of the National Trust and decided to put my membership to good use and visit Tatton Park's Mansion. 

"It'll be good to blog," she said. Before taking NOT ONE SINGLE PHOTO of anything remotely historical. So here is my revised post...based on the photos of cake - a celebration of afternoon tea in The Gardener's Cottage at Tatton Park. 

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

The Garden

First things first, we booked our afternoon tea and I'd definitely recommend. This was a cold and rainy Friday (admittedly during the school holidays) and there was a queue when we arrived. Fortunately, as we'd booked, we were able to skip the queue and head straight to our table. In Summer, I can imagine it gets even busier, even with the outside tables in use. I can imagine that this is because of the setting...

If you're a fan of English country garden style, this is the afternoon tea setting for you. To get into the cottage, you walk through a gorgeous gorgeous garden setting with tables and flowers galore. It's just getting into blossom season here so all the Spring flowers are out. Heavenly. I took a gorgeous photo of my bestie, god-daughter and sister in the entrance way which you're going to have to imagine ;-)

I did a little panorama shot of the garden from opposite the main entrance. And this is in Spring where the flowers are still coming through! There were daffodils galore and the magnolia tree was in blossom. 

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

The Food

Now on to the good stuff...the cakes!! We chose the prosecco afternoon tea which was £19.95. This came with four finger sandwiches each, four mini cakes and two small scones as well as an enormous pot of tea (or coffee, your choice!) I had breakfast tea cos I'm boring but my sister had black peppermint tea which was VERY strong and powerful - so refreshing! 

The sandwiches were made using the freshest bread - so squashy and light that you could tell it was freshly baked. There was salmon and cream cheese; cucumber; ham and another variety which escapes me, probably because I swapped it for my sisters salmon!
Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park
The four cakes
Then the cakes - two chocolate pots one cherry and one passion fruit. The flavours really came through, especially the passion fruit. It was so zingy and very refreshing! Then there was a cranberry and orange tart which reminded me of a chocolate orange and finally a walnut chocolate brownie. They were all delicious and pleasantly cream free - this is always my problem with afternoon teas. I don't like cream and often can't eat many of the cakes!

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

After that, there were still two small scones, plain and fruit to get through. I gave the enormous pot of clotted cream a miss but loved the mini Tiptree Strawberry Jam pots. The scones themselves were still warm and crumbly as a good scone should be! 

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park
Obviously, we started with the prosecco before the food which was fizzy fabulousness. 
Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

I loved the crockery too - I've always had a thing for vintage tea cups, even collecting and giving them away as favours at my wedding so this was just up my street! The pot of tea that arrived was enormous. I had at least 4 cups of tea and there was still plenty left! 

Afternoon Tea at Tatton Park

A special mention must be made to the staff who were so friendly and cooed over the baby appropriately too!

Once I'd eaten all the cakes and sandwiches (in the name of blogging, you must understand!) I was SO full. We'd eaten at half two and I didn't eat another thing for the rest of the day. That's how I knew it was great value for money! Haha!

Are there any other afternoon teas you think I shouldn't miss? What are your favourites?

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

P.S. Did you see my other afternoon tea review at Tea 42 in Manchester ?
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