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What is the best liquid eyeliner?

Any beauty blogger will tell you that one of the most tricky skills is the perfect liner flick. Getting those flicks to even look similar is an achievement that can set you up for the rest of the day!

Key to getting those eyeliner flicks even and perfect is the best eyeliner. There are SO many out there... felt tip, brush, gel, liquid, the question is, what is the best eyeliner?

What is the best liquid eyeliner?

My Collection of Liners

My personal favourite is a black liquid liner with a felt end or a brush that you dip into the liquid. I have hooded, quite oily eyelids so, assuming I manage the perfect flick, getting it to stay put is tricky. I get a lot of transfer onto my hood if I don't let the liner dry. Once it is dry, the oiliness of my eyelids means that it can disintegrate really easily. Add to that the bane of quite watery eyes and many eye-liners have crumbled (or smudged...or creased...or transferred...) at the task given.

I've got four liquid liners in my collection at the moment. 

What is the best liquid eyeliner?

Essence Liquid Ink Matt Eyeliner £2.30 (although the packaging seems to have changed) 

Let's see the tips of these eyeliners...I find the tips so important - not too thick, not too thin etc! 

What is the best liquid eyeliner?

What is the best liquid eyeliner?
L'oreal Superliner

What is the best liquid eyeliner?
Essence Eyeliner

What is the best liquid eyeliner?
Lord and Berry 
As you can see, Lord and Berry has the slimmest tip and I find it easiest to get the most precise flick with it. It's also nice and long which I find makes a smooth application easier. 

As far as pigmentation goes, I swatched these on my hand. 

What is the best liquid eyeliner?
l-r Lord and Berry, Essence, Milani, L'oreal

From the swatches you can see that Milani has the thickest line and the least pigmentation as well. In fact, I found this eyeliner really difficult to work with - the tip dries up, it's a felt tip and the liquid liner just doesn't flow out of it evenly. In life, it appeared grey next to the other liners. Aside from that, there wasn't much to choose from with regards to pigmentation. The other three liners are all as black as you could wish. 

So which lasts the longest? 

What is the best liquid eyeliner?

This was after 3-4 swipes with a face wipe. The Milani eyeliner has COMPLETELY disappeared. The L'oreal one is one its way out which leaves the two winners as Lord and Berry and Essence! The most expensive and the cheapest eyeliner in my collection. From my experience, I can say that while the Essence liner lasts an incredibly long time...the Lord and Berry one just about beats it in the longevity stakes. It is as perfect in the evening as it is in the morning when it's freshly applied. However, for a real bargain, Essence is clearly where it's at! 

Which eyeliners do you recommend? Leave your tips for the perfect eyeliner flick in the comments below! 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx

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