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How to make thick, unruly hair sleek and manageable.

Hello. I'm Tori and I have thick hair. Not just thick hair but the kind of thick that hairdressers exclaim in horror about. The sort that makes them book me lots of extra time and instead of my last name being on my client card, I'm down as VERY THICK.

I appreciate how lucky I am, I don't need extensions to add volume, I have it naturally. However, those who exclaim "I'd love thick hair!" or "You're so lucky!" have never experienced it. It takes HOURS to dry naturally so I always end up using heat; it's difficult to manage and I must use industrial strength bobbles and pins. Not to mention the sweaty neck on a hot summer's day...the reason I had an up-do for my wedding and not loose flowing curls was all to do with the HEAT UNDER MY HAIR!

My hair was only ever sleek when I left the hairdressers and I spent a lot of time screaming about the mess it was in experimenting until I could handle it myself. These are my tips.


You have to use products to make it manageable in my opinion. 

  1. When my hair is damp I start with Schwarzkopf Got2B Tame and Shine Styling Oil. Four or five pumps right through my damp hair detangles it and adds a bit of nourishment. The bottle states 1-2 pumps...I'm telling you now, with thick hair, that much product isn't going to be anywhere near enough! A good dollop in the palm, massaged between the hands and spread throughout the hair. 
  2. A good blow dry cream is SO needed, one that promises sleek hair is even better. I use the Neal & Wolf Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm which smells delicious and is quite lightweight feeling on my hair. 
  3. The third product in my holy trinity is the Schwarzkopf Got2B Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray which actually does what it says on the tin - speeds up blow dry time, a godsend for thick hair. I don't know if you'd notice the drying time benefit on fine hair but on thick hair that takes hours to dry, it's really noticeable. It's also offers heat protection and detangles the hair (as do the previous two products!) 

You'll also need a hairdryer with a nozzle on, a barrel brush and I use GHD straighteners briefly at the end.


With thick hair, it's SO difficult to get the product evenly spread through the whole head. So I don't use the second and third products as described. I use them on each section of hair as I dry it to ensure full coverage. It does mean that you need to be a little more careful not to be heavy handed but it does get that product through your whole head. 
Section off your hair and starting with the bottom section, apply the blow dry cream and styling spray then blow dry with the dryer nozzle facing downwards. After that, briefly run the straigheners over the top BEFORE blow drying the next section. Work your way through your whole head until it's dry, straight and sleek, 

It takes a little more time and uses a little more product but the end result is worth it. By the time I get to the top layer of my hair, there's no frizz hanging around to ruin my day. 

Have a beautiful day, inside and out

Tori xx
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